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Larger-than-life story of the two flowers – ကသစ္ပန္း and သခြပ္ပန္း

April 2, 2011

Śakra (သိၾကားမင္း) From Wikipedia

Thagyamin (သိၾကားမင္း[ðədʑámɪ́ɴ]; from Sanskrit Śakra), considered King of the Nats, is identified with the Buddhist deva Śakra and the Hindu deity Indra. He is often portrayed atop a three-headed white elephant, holding a conch shell in one hand, and a yak-tail whisk in the other. In traditional Burmese Buddhist belief, Thagyamin rules the nat deva plane of existence, called Trāyastriṃśa (တာဝတိံသာ).


Good Governance preached by Buddha

December 26, 2010
The Magadha state circa 600 BC, before it expanded

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Source_Conditions of a Nation’s Welfare from Maha-parinibbana Sutta: Last Days of the Buddha, translated from the Pali by Sister Vajira & Francis Story

Buddha asked, “What have you heard, Ananda, do the Vajjis have_

  1. frequent gatherings, and are their meetings well attended?
  2. Assemble and disperse peacefully and attend to their affairs in concord?
  3. Neither enact new decrees nor abolish existing ones, but proceed in accordance with their ancient constitutions?
  4. Show respect, honor, esteem, and veneration towards their elders and think it worthwhile to listen to them?
  5. Refrain from abducting women and maidens of good families and from detaining them?
  6. Show respect, honor, esteem, and veneration towards their shrines, both those within the city and those outside it, and do not deprive them of the due offerings as given and made to them formerly?
  7. Duly protect and guard the arahats, so that those who have not come to the realm yet might do so, and those who have already come might live there in peace? (Arahant, Pali, in Buddhism, signifies a spiritual practitioner who has realized certain high stages of attainment)”