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INDONESIA cleaner/cook/contract worker Mismah got PR in less than six months

August 14, 2011

Source: Official News in Main Stream newspaper Star and TV3 Midnight news on 14.8.11 about 12.10 AM. INDONESIA-born Mismah came into the country legally in 1982 in search of a job. She soon applied for PR status, which was approved in the same year on July 17. So an Indonesian a cook and a cleaner could get PR in about SIX months……For us, although even Myanmar Muslims are treated differently. Actually ALL Foreigner Muslims SHOULD be treated equally in a Muslim country. One of my friend Masters & PhD from Malaysian Government University and stayed in Malaysia for 15 yrs went to Malaysian Immigration to just get the PR APPLICATION forms only. Malaysian Immigration even REFUSED TO give the application form claiming that 15 yr WORKING (with salary), Studying and doing research with the student pass made him not entitle or not eligible for PR. Even those married to Malaysians were allowed to apply after 5 yrs’ visa.


Long wait for Malaysian red IC holders

September 5, 2010
Judge Forman (r) awards Albert Einstein his ce...

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There are now five categories of citizenship application: wives of citizens; children of Malaysians aged below 21 years; application made under special circumstances for children aged below 21 years; those born before Merdeka; and applicants who are above 21 and have lived here as a permanent resident for more than 12 years.