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IQ, EQ, examan results and candidates’ reactions

June 10, 2011

Passing all the fields of Medical Examinations depends on:
The student’s IQ & EQ. IQ is OK but sub standard EQ of some is the problem.

[More than 99% of students’ IQs are up to the standard but most of the students are distracted by drugs, liquor, gambling, women and others, may be called inadequate EQ or Emotional intelligence. (a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself)]

Some unethical specialists in Myanmar

September 30, 2010

Your words reminded me of a popular joke (but a little bit old already) told by the emcees (the MCs or the Masters of Ceremonies) during the wedding receptions.

“After married, husband will become the head the future family, must be respected by the wife and made a ‘GENERAL’ of the family. The wife should be satisfied as the lower ranking ‘MAJOR’ position in the family.

After that if there is any ‘General problems’ it will be the General husband’s duty to decide. But all the ‘Majour decisions’ must be left for the ‘Majour’ wife to decide.”

So I used to treat General patients as a General Practitioner and need to refer all the majour problems and majour diseases to relevant specialists.

But I had learned a lot of lessons in referring the patients to the Specialists in Myanmar and Malaysia.