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Unconquerable or undefeated or never surrender or…Invictus

June 29, 2011

The following poem was translated by Aung San into Burmese and published in Oh Wai magazine with very famous consequences.

Actually translated by Nyo Mya but Aung San refused to reveal the author and was expelled from university

Source: “What is the meaning of the poem Invictus?”  in Answers.Com

Invictus, meaning “unconquerable” or “undefeated” in Latin, is a poem by  William Ernest Henley.

The poem was written while Henley was in the hospital  being treated for tuberculosis of the bone, also known as Pott’s disease. He had  had the disease since he was very young, and his foot had been amputated shortly  before he wrote the poem.

This poem is about courage in the face of death, and  holding on to one’s own dignity despite the indignities life places before us.

My weakness in not able to breed hatred, selfishness and to strike back with revenge

October 13, 2010
Fall on Approach


Source or origin by By Lu Soe Lay ျမွားနတ္ေမာင္

အျမဲတမ္း သနားတတ္တဲ့ငါ…

ရက္စက္တတ္တဲ့ စိတ္တစ္ခုကို ပိုင္ဆိုင္ခ်င္တယ္။

အျမဲတမ္း ကိုယ္ခ်င္းစာတတ္တဲ့ငါ…

တစ္ကိုယ္ေကာင္းဆန္တတ္တဲ့ စိတ္တစ္ခုကို ပိုင္ဆိုင္ခ်င္တယ္။

အျမဲတမ္း ေဖာ္ေရြတတ္တဲ့ငါ…

မာနၾကီးတဲ့ စိတ္တစ္ခုကို ပိုင္ဆိုင္ခ်င္တယ္။

အျမဲတမ္း ခြင့္လႊတ္ေနတတ္တဲ့ငါ…

နာက်ည္းတတ္တဲ့ စိတ္တစ္ခုကို ပိုင္ဆိုင္ခ်င္တယ္။