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Is 1Care outpatient scheme for middlemen?

April 19, 2011

The following letter is a joint letter by Dr Ong Hean Teik and Dr Haji Haniffah b Haji Abdul Gafoor, former presidents of PMPS (Penang Medical Practitioners’ Society), and Dr SP Palaniappan, former chairman of MMA (Penang branch). This is published in Malaysiakini as a letter. I hereby just reproduce this seemingly important letter for my fellow GPs. Please do not just come and victimized me like former DG. Source: 1Care outpatient scheme – middlemen didahulukan?

The government is introducing a new financing scheme for primary care (1Care for 1Malaysia) by forming a private company/corporation to act as an insurance company and managed-care organisation (MCO). We believe this company will:

i) collect funds from all working adults and employers

ii) pay for all primary care expenses ie. for outpatient visit, test and medication at both private and government clinics (more…)