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Famous Chinese Muslims

February 19, 2011

Source_Wikipedia: Famous Muslims in China


  1. Zheng He, mariner and explorer
  2. Fei Xin, Zheng He’s translator
  3. Ma Huan, a companion of Zheng He


100 year anniversary of Myanmar Chinese Muslim’s “PANTHAY Masjid” in Mogyoke

February 19, 2011

         ‎100 year anniversary of Myanmar Chinese Muslim‘s PANTHAY Masjid” in Mogok would be held on March 28 2011                                 


Myanmar Chinese Muslims have their own masjids in Mandalay since 1850+ and in Mogok later. So it is already 100-150 years old now. They R the original Muslims from Hui. Here in Malaysia, Chinese Muslims R converted from Han. One great con…vert HAN Chinese Muslim Religious leader (Ustaz from PERKIM, Malaysia) once wrote that he and the Malaysian Chinese Muslims R superior than ORIGINAL Chinese Muslims from China because they are HANS but not Huis!

May be he forgot or NEVER UNDERSTAND the Farewell Sermon (Arabic: خطبة الوداع, Khuṭbatu l-Wadā), also known as the Prophet’s Final Sermon or The Last Sermon, was delivered by Muhammad on 9 Dhu al-Hijjah, 10 AH (632) in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat (in Mecca, seventy-two days before his death, at the end of his final pilgrimage.

Muslims in China keep their faith

January 23, 2011
The Niujie Mosque (Chinese: 牛街清真寺; pinyin: niú...

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Source_ The Staronline & IslamiCity :Muslims in China keep their faith

The Muslim community is thriving in China as the younger generation carry on the religion.

ISLAM has evolved into the second largest religion in China. Its rich heritage can be traced back to Muslim diplomats and merchants from Persia who spread the religion to the territories between 630AD and 751AD during the Tang Dynasty. In 651AD, Tang Emperor Li Shimin received an envoy sent by Caliph Uthman and this was followed by 16 more official visits by delegations from the Umayyad Caliphate in the next century.