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Hare Vs Tortoise Race Version 4.3

September 16, 2010
Note: I got the following story in my e-mail. That was the translated version in Burmese done by one Burmese Lady. I liked it and while trying to translate back into English, I decided just to take the core basic storyline only and freely rewrite as the new version in my own words. So the original Version 4 was translated into Burmese as Version 4.2 and I named my story as Version 4.3. Although I took the idea from others, this Version 4.3 could be regarded as my own original improved version.

The version 1 or the original story

Once upon a time a tortoise and a hare decided to have a race.

As the race start, the hare runs very fast for awhile but once he knows that he is far ahead of the tortoise, he decided to rest for a while under a tree but he soon falls asleep. The tortoise keeps on slowly and steadily without any rest, overtakes him and finished the race to become the victor. The hare wakes up to just realize that he has lost. (more…)