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Eidi or Duit Raya or gift of some money to children during Eid or Hari Raya

September 22, 2009

raya_elderWhen I was very young, in the primary school in Kalaw, we did not have any relatives there. But there were a lot of Muslims even in our road, so we went to all the Muslim houses in our road to get Eidi. Most of them give fifty cents coins or one Kyat. Few of them just give sweets and some invited us to eat food, usually Samai or Sawai. I hate  Samai or Sawai since that time because even few cents of money was better for us. I used to like Samai or Sawai when I grew up. Later when we shifted to Mandalay, we have a lot of relatives and could even get more than 100.00 Kyats. (At that time that was even dozens of times more valuable than the present Ringgit Malaysia. But I never spent even one cent from that money but given to my mother for the save keeping which I never asked back. My younger brother would resist my mother to give to her for safe keeping of that Eidi. When I look back the past, I feel sad that I feel bad (maybe I am wrong) although I tried to win the love of my parents, I failed. Both of them love my younger brothers more than me.