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No thanks to the flawed AES system and wrong concept by ignoring to manually enforce the other traffic rules

September 27, 2012

My Comments first: RM 300.00 is nothing for great political leaders and Rich people who could earn millions. But for the normal salaried Blue and White collar staff and workers, it is a lot especially when if they get multiple summons in a short time.


Asian Highway routes 1, 2, 14 and 41 connect Myanmar

July 5, 2011

The planned network runs a total of 87,799 miles (140,479 km). In Myanmar, total 3,003 km (1,877 miles).

AH1, 20,557 km (12,848 miles); Tokyo, Japan- MYANMAR to border between Turkey and Bulgaria(with AH5)

AH2, 13,177 km (8326 miles); Denpasar, Indonesia- MYANMAR to Khosravi, Iran

  • AH14, 2,077 km (1298 miles); Hai Phong, Vietnam to Mandalay, Myanmar (on AH1/AH2)
  • AH41, 948 km (592.5 miles); border between Myanmar and Bangladesh to Mongla, Bangladesh .According to Om Prakash, an advisor with in New Delhi: “It’s an excellent step taken by ESCAP to gather all the Asian countries under one crown but the problem with this project is political disputes between some countries, notably Pakistan and Myanmar, which is delaying the project”.

    India views the project favourably since it would increase trade with its neighbours, especially Pakistan and Myanmar.