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Shame to you OIC led Muslim countries. Look at what Christian countries and Pope is doing!

October 24, 2013

SHAME TO OIC, Egypt, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States except Turkey.

They all refused to accept Muslim from Myanmars including Rohingyas for migration into their countries.

Sweden offers residency to all Syrian refugees

Sweden offers residency to all Syrian refugees

Swedish migration authorities have ruled that all Syrian asylum seekers who have come to Sweden will be granted permanent residency in light of the worsening conflict in Syria.


Old and recent pictures of Brother Director Felix of St. Peter’s and St. Paul, Burma / Myanmar

May 16, 2011

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Per kind favour of A Ko Gyi Alfred’s message, photos and remarks included apparently from Mr. Chris

I hope that Mr Chris and A Ko Gyi Alfred have no objection for my posting. I hereby mixed Brother Director Felix’s old photos in 1963 at St. Peter’s High School as the Head Master with the latest pictures from Rome.