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Radical Racist Bamas should stop using the wrong historical facts to incite hatred against Myanmar Muslims

May 18, 2012

Spain colonized and converted the MALAYS (some Muslim, some Hindu, some Buddhists and some wild nat believers) into Christianity. But most of the Malays in southern Philippines remained Muslims. It is not Myanmar Muslim problem. You need to angry Christian Spains for converting Philippine Buddhists. Don’t write anti-Muslim even without knowing the history. Don’t blame Myanmar Muslims.


Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan’s son Shah Shuja murdered in Burma’s Arakan (in English and Burmese)

January 7, 2011

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The Cambridge History of India : Shah Shuja in Arakan

Shah Shuja the second son of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan. In 1639, Shah Shuja the second son of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan, was designated deputy of the king of Bengal. The struggle for succession between the sons began immediately. Aurangzeb won, dethroned his father in 1658 and declared himself emperor. Shah Shuja continued his fight but was finally defeated in 1660. Since he did not succeed in establishing his rule in Bengal, he fled, together with his family and bodyguards, from Dacca to Chittagong.

Sandathudama, king of Arakan Burma(1652-1687) granted him permission to continue to Mrohaung on condition that his followers surrender their weapons. He arrived there on August 26, 1660, was welcomed by the king and given a dwelling near the town. There are various versions of the events describing what happened in Arakan at that time.


Shah Zafar, the last of the Mughal emperors in India

December 18, 2010

Zafar was an accomplished Urdu poet and calligrapher[13]. While he was denied paper and pen in captivity, he was known to have written on the walls of his room with a burnt stick. He wrote the following Ghazal (Video search) as his own epitaph.