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OIC chief on meeting with Rohyinga cries

November 17, 2013

OIC chief on meeting with Rohyinga cries

November 17, 2013 PKT


YANGON: The secretary general of the worlds largest bloc of Islamic countries says meetings with members of Myanmars long-persecuted Rohingya Muslim community — chased from their homes by machete-wielding Buddhist mobs — brought him to tears.


Burmese Nazis

October 30, 2013

Burmese Nazis by Emanuel Stoakes on Oct 30, 2013

It was my second visit to the town of Sittwe, in Burma’s western Rakhine state this year, and my third visit to the country itself in six months. Prompted as much by what seemed like fate as opportunity, I had journeyed once again to this part of the world in order to write about the plight of the Rohingya ethnic minority, a stateless people whose suffering and increasing proximity to disaster are not well-known in the West.


‘Indians Should Watch Out in Myanmar’

October 25, 2013

‘Indians Should Watch Out in Myanmar’

As an Indian woman traveling across Myanmar for three weeks in September,  I had many wonderful experiences where people’s kindness and generosity surprised me.

So I don’t want what comes next to deter others from venturing into its lush green landscape, tropical forests and slow-paced cities.


Rohingya in Rakhine history

October 20, 2013

Rohingya in historyRohingya in Rakhine history. Burma Gazetteer Akyab District Vol-a (1917)

They differ but little from the Arakanese except in their religion and in the social customs which their religion directs: in writing they use Burmese, but amongst themselves employ COLLOQUIALLY THE LANGUAGE OF THEIR ANCESTORS.

Source: Ko Maung Khin

Burma’s Apartheid

October 14, 2013

Burma’s Apartheid

October 13, 2013 · by · in Burma, Photo Story, Photography. ·
* Note : The photo essay below, a part of my ongoing ‘Burma Project’, was made possible with kind support by <RheeYeungHui Foundation

Lee Yu Kyung in Burma

Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State in Western Burma has succeeded in virtually ‘Muslims-Free Street’ ever since the sectarian violence turned to be a massacre against Muslims took place in 2012. From busy market to quiet alley, Muslims have been wiped out to be seen nowhere. Yet they are found either IDPs Camp on the outskirt of Sittwe, or the last Muslims quarter of the city named Aung Mingalar.


Myanmar Town Locked Down After Violence; President Continues Trip

October 3, 2013

Myanmar Town Locked Down After Violence; President Continues Trip

President Thein Sein Initially Planned to Cancel Thandwe Visit. By SHIBANI MAHTANI & MYO MYO

YANGON—Myanmar authorities stepped up security Wednesday in Thandwe, a town in troubled Rakhine state, in a bid to restore calm after four days of communal mob violence killed five Muslims in the latest flare-up of violence there.


Myanmar Muslim villages burned in deadly religious violence

October 3, 2013


Myanmar villages burned in deadly religious violence By Los Angeles Times

Muslim residents take shelter at a house in Thabyu Chai village near Thandwe in western Myanmar on Wednesday amid fresh anti-Muslim unrest. (Soe Than Win / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images / October 2, 2013)

By Kate Linthicum October 2, 2013

THANDWE, Myanmar — At least five people have been killed and hundreds displaced in the latest wave of religious violence in Myanmar.


RNDP journal: Dare not to think about Co-existent

October 2, 2013

Title : Dare not to think about Co-existent

It translated piece of editorial page in RNDP journal issued in Oct 2012..they even cited Hitler and Echimen as German hero..

My FRIEND in Singapore translated this.

There are many discussions going on at every corner of towns, tea shop, bar, food stalls,even vegetables seller in streets like a story of thriller movie,weather to co-exist or split with Rakhine and Kalar ( Kalar refer to discriminated word to Rohingya). 75 years ago just before Burma got liberation, there was the same issue of co-exist or split with India. But then all Burmese unitedly voiced out to split from India.


Special Report – In Myanmar, apartheid tactics against minority Muslims

September 25, 2013

Special Report – In Myanmar, apartheid tactics against minority Muslims

May 15 06:22 AM EDT

 3 of 11 

By Jason Szep

SITTWE, Myanmar (Reuters) – A 16-year-old Muslim boy lay dying on a thin metal table. Bitten by a rabid dog a month ago, he convulsed and drooled as his parents wedged a stick between his teeth to stop him from biting off his tongue.


TQ (Malaysian) Christians for your care about Muslim (Rohingya) sufferings

July 4, 2013

TQ (Malaysian) Christians for your care about Muslim (Rohingya) sufferings.

Burma (MNN) ― July 4 in the U.S. is equated with freedom, liberty, and independence. America‘s founders sought and fought for freedom from the British government‘s oppression.

“Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual…. Nobly defend those rights which heaven gave and no man ought to take from us,” said John Hancock, the first man to sign the United States’ declaration of independence.