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Brain drain: Understanding the root causes

May 13, 2011

Extracts from the MInsider, “Brain drain: Understanding the root causes” by Ronald Benjamin

  1. The World Bank official said that Malaysia would have had five times the FDI foreign direct investment if not for its discriminatory policy.
  2. a million skilled Malaysian workers left to overseas without any intention of coming back.
  3. Perkasa has claimed that even the Malays are leaving Malaysia due to the discrimination.


Look at better ways to woo back our talents

December 9, 2010

Source_Star: Look at better ways to woo back our talents

THE establishment of Talent Corporation Malaysia is truly a good platform to woo our local skilled workers back to Malaysia. I salute to those who are open enough to create such a platform.

We have lost 70,000 of our local human intelligence to other countries.