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My disappointment with Hula hoops swing failure

August 20, 2011

People gather to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of people swinging hula hoops for two minutes, at Taipei Track and Field Stadium August 20, 2011. — Reuters pic

During my Primary School days in Kingswood Kalaw, it was popular and I could swing 1500-5000 continuously without dropping once. BUT, now, I saw hula hoops at my friend’s Sports Shop, I am embarrassed and disappointed because I even failed to successfully swing ONCE because of my protruding tummy.

For my son Azlan MNK

May 25, 2011

Miami Heat’s LeBron James dribbles up the court against the Chicago Bulls during Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Finals NBA basketball series in Miami, May 24, 2011. – Reuters pic  (more…)

Grandpa bicycles get re-cycled

September 26, 2010

Because of this news, I remember my old posting, “My Raleigh bicycle”.

Just read back two paragraphs_

My father bought a brand new Raleigh bicycle for me in Maldalay, when the rest of the family and I were in Kalaw. That was a reward for my achievement in 4th. Std. exam. My friend in Kalaw, Alfred Pu, taught me wihow to ride the bicycle, using his bicycle in Kalaw. I got the chance to practice riding my new bicycle when we visited Mandalay. It was locked for my single use since then up to after I married.


Hare Vs Tortoise Race Version 4.3

September 16, 2010
Note: I got the following story in my e-mail. That was the translated version in Burmese done by one Burmese Lady. I liked it and while trying to translate back into English, I decided just to take the core basic storyline only and freely rewrite as the new version in my own words. So the original Version 4 was translated into Burmese as Version 4.2 and I named my story as Version 4.3. Although I took the idea from others, this Version 4.3 could be regarded as my own original improved version.

The version 1 or the original story

Once upon a time a tortoise and a hare decided to have a race.

As the race start, the hare runs very fast for awhile but once he knows that he is far ahead of the tortoise, he decided to rest for a while under a tree but he soon falls asleep. The tortoise keeps on slowly and steadily without any rest, overtakes him and finished the race to become the victor. The hare wakes up to just realize that he has lost. (more…)