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The hardline Buddhists in Sri Lanka, like their cousin Myanmar Buddhists targeting Muslims

March 25, 2013

The hardline Buddhists targeting Sri Lanka’s Muslims


Formation of Buddhist-Muslim Fault Line Should Not Be Allowed

March 4, 2013

Formation of Buddhist-Muslim Fault Line Should Not Be Allowed By Amb. Ufuk GokcenAmbassador and Permanent Representative, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, United Nations.


Anti-Muslim Myanmar monks: Sri Lanka redux?

February 24, 2013

Source: Anti-Muslim monks: Sri Lanka redux?  By Alex Bookbinder

A number of years ago, I had an interesting conversation with a Myanmar monk who serves as a good example of the young and savvy face of Buddhism in the country today. As zealous about politics and technology as he is the tenets of his religion, he is a prolific blogger on political, religious and social issues.

Having corresponded with him for many months, I finally had a chance to meet with him at his monastery, and we discussed Myanmar’s ethnic politics during a tea-fuelled session lasting the better part of a day.


ျပည္သူေတြ သတိရွိဖို႔ လိုပါတယ္။

February 22, 2013
ဟုိတေလာကေလးတင္ တိ-ကုေအးေမာင္ကို ၾကံ့ဖြတ္အမတ္တစ္ဦးက လႊတ္ေတာ္ထဲမွာတင္ သင္းကြပ္လိုက္တာ ျမင္ရမွာပါ။
ဒီအခ်က္ေနၿပီးေတာ့ ၾကံ့ဖြတ္ပါတီကေနၿပီး ရခိုင္ျပည္မွာျဖစ္ပ်က္ခဲ့သမွ် အျပစ္အားလုံးကို ရခီးပါတီ RNDP ပါတီနဲ႔ တိ-ကုေအးေမာင္ရဲ႕ ေခါင္းေပၚကို ပုံခ်ေတာ့မယ္ဆိုတာ ကို ျပသလိုက္တာပါပဲ။
မိတ္ေဆြတို႔ သိတ့ဲအတိုင္းပဲ ၾကံ့ဖြတ္ပါတီဆိုတာ အထက္အမိန္႔မပါရင္ ေရေတာင္ေသာက္လို႔ မရဘူး။
အဲဒီေတာ့ ရခီးမ်ားက ဘာသာကိုအေျချပဳၿပီး၊ တစ္ခ်ဳိ႕ရိုးသားၿပီး အျမင္က်ဥ္းတဲ့ မ်က္ကန္းမ်ဳိးခ်စ္ေတြကို စည္းရုံးေသြးထိုးလႈံ႕ေဆာ္ၿပီး၊ ျပည္မမွာ ဘာသာေရး လူမ်ဳိးေရး အဓိကရုဏ္း မျဖစ္ ျဖစ္ေအာင္ လုပ္ေဆာင္ေနပါတယ္။
ေသေဖာ္ေသဖက္ ရွာေနတာပါ။ (more…)

Myanmar war against minority Kachin Christians

January 28, 2013

“The first point that should be made is that there has been no
ceasefire and there is no ceasefire.. On the morning of Saturday the
19 of January at 6.00 a.m., the time the ceasefire was due to commence according to President Thein Sein‘s order, I stepped outside my house to be soon greeted with the sound of mortar and artillery fire.This was not sporadic small arms fire, but systematic heavy shelling from the Burma army.It was replicated elsewhere in Kachin State, but only a small fraction of it has been captured and transmitted by the media.I would therefore like to express grave concern at much of the international community’s gullible acceptance of the “ceasefire” which was either a deliberate grotesque hoax, or the result of a systemic failure in the Burma army chain of command to implement President
Thein Sein’s order.” (more…)

After Ethnic Cleansing there could be a dawn of hope for Rohingyas

October 30, 2012

ETHNIC CLEANSING PROJECT almost finished…If wish to just segregate the two parties must be informed and done peacefully ith the consent. Need to build houses, villages or towns with proper planing… is too late for proper planning..a lot of causalities and bitter feelings….

A ship carrying Rakhine nationals left for Sittway from Buthitaung seen on October 27 (Photo – Win Maung (Maung Taw) / EMG)


Ethnic Cleansing Nightmare: Buddhist Bloodstains on Burma’s Barren Soul

October 9, 2012

Source: Ethnic Cleansing Nightmare: Buddhist Bloodstains on Burma’s Barren Soul

Political Perspective by Tim King

Warning: Extremely Graphic Photos – CAUTION!

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Just what is it that forces human beings to behave like the most savage beasts? Here are a couple of insights I am gleaning from my work.


The Kachin activist is rightly cursing out of outrage at the Nobel prize winner ASSK

September 24, 2012

I agree with my friend Dr.Maung Zarni who shared Khun Nawng‘s photo.

If you think a Kachin activist cursing out of outrage at the Nobel prize winner ASSK, using four letter words, is “harsh” try taking bullets from the barrels of the guns of the Burma Army troops commanded by her political partners.