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Legal foreign workers and illegal immigrants in Malaysia have rights in consumer tribunal

September 1, 2011

Source: The Star, “Immigrants have rights in consumer tribunal: ex-chairman”

KUALA LUMPUR: Legal foreign workers and illegal immigrants who paid exorbitant charges for registration under the 6P amnesty and legalisation programme could file a case under the consumer tribunal to get back the excess money they had paid.


Very good reply by the Malaysia MOH DG: “Planning for the better health care system”

May 13, 2011

Source-The Star, “Government plan for better health care system” by DATUK DR HASAN ABDUL RAHMAN, Director General of Health, Malaysia.

RECENTLY, there have been a number of articles and comments regarding the Government’s efforts to improve our health system, ‘MMA: Talk to Stakeholders (The Star, April 18), ‘Provide Adequate Healthcare’ (The Star, April 26) and ‘Government healthcare plan must be carefully studied’ (The Star, May 1).


My Valentine present for Daryn

February 12, 2011

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