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Myanmar to Face Human-Rights Test

May 3, 2013

imageMyanmar to Face Human-Rights Test By MARTIN VAUGHAN

Bandar Seri Begawan, BRUNEI—Myanmar’s turn next year as chair of a Southeast Asian regional bloc will put a spotlight on the country’s record on human rights and democracy, and should help accelerate reforms on those issues, Indonesia’s foreign minister said Wednesday.


Myanmar and China must stop violence on Muslims if not ethnic unrest would spread to Indonesia

April 25, 2013

Be careful…ultranationalist Buddhists and Political Master Mainland Chinese Government …

In every atrocity both of you committed on Muslims of Myanmar…there could be SEVERE reaction on your fellow Buddhists and CHINESE in INDONESIA.

Please stop the NONSENSES and arrest the INSTIGATORS, Masterminds and MASS-MURDERERS for PEACE FOR ALL.

Is ethnic unrest brewing in southeast Asia? As Buddhist-Muslim tensions increase in the region, we examine the causes and the consequences of the conflict.