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One revered monk ring up to me, “What the hell your Islamic organizations are doing?”

January 26, 2013

One revered monk ring up to me this morning,

” What you all are doing?
Do you never hear anything?
Why keep quiet and never do anything?
I know that you have something like an Islamic Organization, right?
What are they doing?
Haven’t you all ever heard the news from Karen State?
Never heard the news from Tachileik, Shan State?
Haven’t the news from Mon State arrived to you?
Another wave (of Anti-Muslim violence) is not in Rakhine State!


Myanmar Chinese Muslim Masjids

January 3, 2011

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Panthays form a group of Chinese Muslims in Burma. Some people refer to Panthays as the oldest group of Chinese Muslims in Burma. However, because of intermixing and cultural diffusion the Panthays are not as distinct a group as they once were.

Panthay ( MLCTS: pan: se: lu myui: is a term used to refer to the predominantly Muslim Hui people of China who migrated to Burma. They are among the largest groups of Burmese Chinese, and predominantly reside in the northern regions of Burma (formerly known as Upper Burma), particularly in the Tangyan-Maymyo-MandalayTaunggyi area and Shan States.