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A sa..Shwe Ba Nar Mae..”At First “Shwe Ba” will suffer…but wait and see..HE WILL WIN over the villain ultra-Nationalist 969

November 18, 2013

There is a popular saying in Burmese…A sa..Shwe Ba Nar Mae..”At First “Shwe Ba” will suffer…but wait and see..HE WILL WIN over the villains.


Be careful with these dirty tactics Myanmar Military Cyber-troopers, your country will DISAPPEAR with the INVASION of UN forces

November 18, 2013

I got the message from Singapore>>>

SOB KHWE ဝီရသူ မန္‌း‌ေလးမွာ ျပသာနာ႐ွာဖို႔ၾကံျပန္‌ၿပီ

မဟာျမတ္‌မုနိ နဖူးတြင္‌ ‌ေယာက်္‌ားတန္‌ဆာ ဆင္‌ထား‌ေသာ ပံုမ်ားပါသည္‌့ ဗြီဒီယို မြတ္‌စလင္‌ကုလားမ်ားလုပ္‌သည္‌ဟု ဆိုကာအား ယခုရက္‌မ်ားအတြင္‌း ဝီရသူမွ လက္‌သိပ္‌ထိုးျဖန္‌႔‌ေဝ‌ေနၿပီး မန္‌း‌ေလးကို လုပ္‌ၾကံရန္‌ၾကံစည္‌‌ေနသူဟု သတင္းရ႐ွိထားပါသည္‌

သတိထားၾကပါခင္‌ဗ်ား‌ ကုလားေတြ စားစရာမရွိ ေနစရာမရွိေအာင္လုပ္ျပမယ္လို ့တပ္လွန္ ့ထားတ့ဲ ဒီပုဂၢိဳလ္အတြက္ေတာ့ သူတစ္ပါးဒုကၡၾကီးငယ္ေရာက္မွေနေပ်ာ္မယ့္ပုံပဲ။အျမဲပူေလာင္ေနျပီး လူသားဆန္တ့ဲစိတ္ေတြ သူ ့ဆီမွာမရွိေလာက္ေအာင္ဆင္းရဲေနျပီဆုိတာေတာ့ ကိုယ္တိုင္မသိရွာဘူး။အကြက္ေကာင္းေစာင့္ျပီးအေျခအေနေပးတာနဲ ့
ခ်ိန္ကိုက္ေဖာက္ခြဲဖို ့ ဂြင္ဆင္ေတာ့တာပါပဲ။


If we think out of the box: ALL the Muslims of Myanmar need to thank Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

October 25, 2013

If we think out of the box: ALL the Muslims of Myanmar need to thank Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
She used a knight’s jump to block off the Black King’s (Than Shwe) using of Bigot Bishop 969 attack on her.
Now that kind of attack is no more useful, strategically useless for the black side.


Metamorphosing of Democratic Icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi into Bigot Dictator?

October 25, 2013

Please read my article in Burma Digest using the Pseudonym SHWE BA  and shared in my San Oo Aung blog

Myanmar Folk Tale: Metamorphosis of Saviors into Monsters

Once upon a time, long long time ago, there was a village in a far away remote area of Burma called, let’s say, Shwe Bama village. Because of the constant disturbances of the wild beast, the villagers were wishing, praying and waiting for a hero to fight and kill the beast and to liberate them.

One day a prince came to the village and offered his self-less humanitarian voluntary service for the liberation of the village. The prince fought and successfully killed the beast, so the villagers thanked him and offered all the rewards including the right to rule their village. But later the kindhearted, handsome and noble prince surprisingly disappeared from the village. Worse of all, there also suddenly appeared a new ogre (giant) in the forest near the village. So the villagers were very sad and just prayed and wished for another warrior to help them.


Corruption in Myanmar: take down the real villains

October 17, 2013

Corruption in Myanmar: take down the real villains

Naing Ko Ko
Special to The Nation October 16, 2013 1:00 am

Instead of focusing on low-salaried bureaucrats as the main cause of graft, advocates need to go after those at the very top of the centres of power


President Thein is heard going around every where telling that he is also just a pawn in the chess game but he must take responsibility for Ommission of Duty and Command Responsibility

September 26, 2013

ဂ်ပန္သတင္းေထာက္ Kenji Nagai ရဲ႔ ေနာက္ဆံုး ပံုရိပ္..
ေရႊ၀ါေရာင္သတင္းေထာက္ ကိုရန္နိုင္ သက္စြန္႔ဆံဖ်ား ရိုက္ကူးခဲ့တဲ႔ ဂ်ပန္သတင္းေထာက္ကို လုပ္ၾကံမႈ မွတ္တမ္း အေသးစိတ္..WATCH HERE IN FB

Than Shwe is responsible for shooting POINT BLANK this Japanese. We called COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY. After all his bluffing of STRAY BULLET made him guilty of trying to coverup the crime…

Like wise…Although STUPID PUPPET President Thein is heard going around every where telling that he is also just a pawn in the chess game and the unseen powerful forces or hands are creating the atrocities and massacres.


Military roots of racism in Myanmar

September 4, 2013

Military roots of racism in Myanmar
By Maung Zarni

Over the past year, Myanmar has been plagued by neo-Nazi “Buddhist” racism and organized mob violence targeting the country’s minority Muslims of diverse ethnic and historical backgrounds.

At the very heart of Myanmar’s Islamophobic campaign lies the state and its successive senior leaderships, which continue to operate within a concrete set of political economic relations wherein they pursue their typically sinister Machiavellian politics in defense of corporate, clique and personal agendas.


Dear Nan letter No 12

September 1, 2013

Compassionate letter 12,“The End of the Saga”

As Bo Aung Din in Burma Digest

Dear Nan,

If you could remember, I sent my first letter on our wedding anniversary, that is 12th February (our National day commemorating forming the foundation of our union, the day we signed our matrimonial agreement at Panglon) and that is also your birthday, the Shan National day. And coincidently that is two day’s prior to the Valentine day, the day of lovers. And I wrote the letter to you because your father announced our divorce declaration that is the Shan leaders announcement of the separation from Burma/Myanmar and the forming of an Independent Shan Country.

And another strange coincidence that leads to my compassionate letters was because of a DVD of Sai Kham Leik/Sai Hti Sai’s songs sent by my brother. While I was enjoying my renaissance or daydreaming back the good old young era, my children keep on doing their daily routine even without noticing my favourite songs. So I decided to explain or translate the songs to them. And the rest is the minute history of a saga of these compassionate letters to my ‘estranged wife’.


Dear Nan letter No 1

August 31, 2013

Compassionate letter No 1: A Valentine Music DVD with Love for Dear Nan

First published in Burma Digest and later reprint in my San Oo Aung blog with my Pseudonym, Bo Aung Din 

I know you were angry with my step mother, Daw Than Shwe for bribing the local authorities to put your uncles including U Khun Tun Oo behind bars. When you decided to go and stay with your father, I was not worried much. I believed that you already knew how much I love your uncle Khun, may be even more than you. Although he was your uncle he always treated me like his own younger brother and as you know, he was the one who introduced me to you. I tried my best but could not get him released immediately yet.


Who or what do you want to be…Anti or Pro?

August 30, 2013

One STUPID Foreign Ministry official in KL told my far relative that I am writing Anti-s.
Yes, I am anti-Dictator…I hope he is Pro-Dictator.
I am Anti-Racist and he may be Pro-Racist.
I am anti-Genocide activist but he looks like Pro-Genocide person.
I am anti-Ethnic Cleansing activist and he may be Pro-Ethnic Cleansing supporter.
I am an anti-Religious Cleansing Activist but he is a Pro-Religious Cleansing person.
I wrote anti-Hate Speech postings and he wrote Pro-Hate Speech articles and comments.
I propagate anti-Military dominance doctrine and he clearly is Pro-Military dominance person.
I am anti-mass murdering and he is Pro-mass murder.
I am anti-Ne Win, anti-Than Shwe but he is Pro-Ne Win and Pro-Than Shwe.
I promote anti-racial discrimination but he looks like Pro-racial discriminator.
I also promote anti-religious discrimination but he may be a pro-religious discrimination.
I am an Anti-Terrorist but he became Pro-Terrorism.
I am anti-969 and he is Pro-969.
I am anti-hardliner but he is pro-hardliner.
I am ant-crime person but he is pro-criminal.

So friends…who do you want to be?
Anti like me or PRO like that IDIOT criminal, a potential ICC candidate.