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Dear Nan letter No 9

September 1, 2013

Compassionate letter 9, “Myanmar Generals’ record in the Dog-leather book of Sakya (Thagyar Min)”

 As BO AUNG DIN  in Burma Digest

Dear darling Nan,

I hereby wish a very Happy Burmese New Year and peaceful Thingyan for you and all the Shwe Bamas. Our children missed you but I missed you more especially during Thingyan because as you know we met at our University’s Thingyan festival and so Thingyan became a very important landmark or mile stone for both of us. I still remember the first Thingyan we celebrated together after our mutual friend Ko Tin Mg introduced us. I was teasing him why he was there as he is not a Buddhist. You were at his back and without even knowing me, you act as his advocate or solicitor and give excuses for him by answering that he was the secretary of Burmese Language Association of the university, that organization is sponsoring this event and Thingyan is nowadays celebrated by all the citizens of Burma.


My childhood experiences and childish thoughts

January 27, 2013
View-Master reels from a German Karl May-movie...

View-Master reels from a German Karl May-movie. Picture made by uploader. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was OUR time in Kalaw Southern Shan State of Burma during late 50’s and early 60’s. There was no TV, Video, Recorder, CD, VCD, Internet, Mobile phone, very rare almost luxurious fixed telephone lines…this View-Master my father bought for us was a wonder for us.View-Master is the trademark name of a line of special-format stereoscopes and corresponding View-Master “reels”, which are thin cardboard disks containing seven stereoscopic 3-D pairs of small color photographs on film.
Apart from movies at cinemas where we went and see once in few months, we sit around the fireplace (quite cold so we need to have a fire place for about 9 months per year).
We have to wait and listen the BBS radio broadcasts of Sein Aung Min, Shwe Man Tin Maung and modern plays.


Flowers of Myanmar with the months they bloom

April 4, 2011

Source:Seasonal Flowers of Myanmar, Myanmar’s Internet

Myanmar has a moderate climate and is also rich in different species of flowers.

Here are some of the flowers found in Myanmar.

Myanmar Name : Pone Nyat Pann
English Name : Alexiandrian Laurel

Myanmar Name : Pein Pann
English Name : Anthurium

Myanmar Name : May Myo Pann
English Name : Aster

Myanmar Name : Thaw Ka Pann
English Name : Blossom from Queen of flowering tree.


Happy Myanmar New Year with Padauk ပိ ေတာက္ ပန္း and Ngu Wah ငု၀ါ

April 4, 2011

Padauk ပိ ေတာက္ ပန္း

Taken from Rector, Professor Dr Than Wins’s FB 

This flower usually blooms at Thingyan (Myanmar Water Festival) or around Thingyan. The time is in April of each year. It has a yellow color. It is also known as Thingyan Flower. It gives sweet smells and a favourite for the Thingyan lovers.

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Dr. Than Naing Oo : Memoirs of Twenty Padauk Blooms Past

October 9, 2010
Thingyan celebration in Yangon

Image via Wikipedia

An article Dr. Than Naing Oo (IM1, 1987) wrote in 2007 that was published in Annals of AMIM and was posted in FB before too. Just adding some photos.

Still, becoming a government employed doctor did not guarantee that you would get a chance for further study no matter how hardworking you were. Nepotism was rampant at the postgraduate selection committee. Many of my brilliant sayas (young demonstrators) in various medical school departments were bypassed in favor of children of the big shots during the selection process.