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Modern Six “Blind” former world leaders and the Myanmar White Elephant

November 22, 2013

FB of Dr. Maung Zarni

In the old well-known Indian tale, there are 6 blind Brahmins – did I just make that number up? quite possibly – feeling the elephant and trying to describe what it is, in whole.Now Burma attracts countless number of the latter-day blind Brahmins – from Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Katherine Ashton to fresh-out-of-college boys and girls who may have deferred their college loan payments.They have all figured our problems out, within 36-hrs of their arrival!


Blair Follows in Clinton’s Footsteps at Myanmar Peace Center

November 17, 2013

Blair Follows in Clinton’s Footsteps at Myanmar Peace Center

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks at the Myanmar Peace Center in Rangoon on Friday. (Photo: Myanmar Peace Center / Facebook)

RANGOON – They were the late-1990s peacemakers–Third Way buddy-cops whose ready smiles, demonstrative hand gestures and varnished empathy helped broker deals in places as different as Kosovo and Northern Ireland.