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Signs of Coming Genocide in Burma?

May 9, 2013

TQ KO SAI LATT and THE IRRAWADDY editors. Although the No. 8 Stage of Genocide is still a denial after the genocide, you have rightly said that there is a denial at the present by every personality from both side of political divide and even from the democratic world. Kindly allow me to add an interesting new phenomena in Myanmar which made me to think about adding two more stages in the Internationally accepted “8 Stages of Genocide”.

“No 9th. Stage of Genocide”: blaming the victims = government, some Myanmar/Rakhines, 969 group and Government are blaming Muslims of Myanmar (Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims) for those mass murders in Rakhine and Meikhtila.

“No 10th. Stage of Genocide”: asking the victims to apologize. This is promoted by 969 U Wira Thu, online Myanmar Military Government cyber-troopers, Mandalay Chief minister U Ye Myint and people in the inner-circle of U Thein Sein’s Government.

Signs of Coming Genocide in Burma?

By | May 8, 2013 |

Army trucks line up along a road in downtown Meikhtila on March 23. (Photo: Teza Hlaing / The Irrawaddy ) (more…)

The Dark Side of Democracy: The Modern Tradition of Ethnic and Political Cleansing

October 19, 2012
My friend Dr. Maung Zarni wrote>“Democracy in Myanmar“?
It would NOT even be a good idea.

When asked what he thought of “Western Civilization” during his tour of the West, Gandhi quipped “it would be a good idea”.

It gives me deep chill in my spine to think about the idea of an un-ashamedly racist, “Buddhistmajoritarian democracy in a country which is so ethnically and religiously diverse!