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NATO (No Action Talk Only) President U Thein Sein

July 2, 2013

“NATO” president U Thein Sein.
“NATO” = No Action Talk Only.
Actually he is like “cat sh*t” or in Burmese, “Kyaung Chee” soft but smelly.
As his President’s official web page has just protested against the TIME magazine, praised and defend the Hardliner, TERRORIST Buddhist group 969 and banned the TIME magazine from distributing in Myanmar, his following words are meaningless.
He has yet to arrest Wira Thu led 969 leaders who are relentlessly spreading the HATE SPEECHES.

Proof of ongoing Genocide in Myanmar

July 6, 2012

Proof of ongoing Genocide in Myanmar

On 3rd of June 2012, ten Myanmar Muslims on pilgrimage trip (Tabalique) were ruthlessly massacred by 300 strong Radical Buddhist Terrorists without any reason except that they were happened to be Muslims. (Don’t come and give LAME EXCUSE about other criminal case, which may even be just a set-up plot by the Radical Hardliners to detonate the fuse of Communal Riots against the Muslims.)

Just read the NASTY and inhumane writing (posting) and comments and compare with the No. 3. DEHUMANIZATION from The 8 Stages of Genocide which is copied below.

Wake up and take what you need to do: UN, UNSG, UNSC, ICC, USA, EU and OIC have DUTY to protect and uphold the justice.


If this kind of asking to kill all Indian blooded people is not Genocide Crime, we need to dismantle ICC

May 20, 2012