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Requesting for the UNSC urgent meeting regarding APERTHEID Master-Plan in Myanmar

June 29, 2012

If Myanmar Military and U Thein Sein’s government failed to stop the following APERTHEID Master-Plan on Muslims in Rakhine state, which is already started, the world leaders should request for the urgent UNSC meeting to discuss and rescue the oppressed people.

OIC member Muslim countries should WARN the Chinese and Russian governments not to use VETO in the coming urgent UNSC.

(NOTE: The Apartheid Rakhine party had also requested for the discussion with UN and other countries as stated in the last line, i.e. No 6 d.)

The following is the direct translation of the The Rakhine Nationalities Development Party RNDP’s Party Policy announcement of APERTHOID STYLE Post-Riots relocations.


Breaking News: Another Masjid in Myanmar is destroyed by Radical Buddhists

May 20, 2012

Breaking News: Another Masjid in Myanmar is destroyed by Radical Buddhists.

At Sam Sae village, Naung Cho Township, Northern Shan State, a masjid undergoing renovation was attacked and destroyed.

That Masjid renovation approval is given by the residing chief abbot of the village monastery and the relevant various local authorities.

Because of this, there is a great tension between Buddhists and Muslims and the situation could deteriorate into violent armed conflicts or racial riots.