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U Thein Sein Government and Daw Suu led NLD should resign if dare not control the hatemongers

January 21, 2013

WARNING to the U Thein Sein Government and Daw Suu led NLD.
If you all fail to arrest those HATE MONGERS you all will be held responsible if any atrocity on Muslims there.
Omission of duty to protect the Minority is a CRIME in international law.

If you dare not control, please resign from your offices and give back the power to the Military who will be dealt with by International Community. Don’t just play puppet of Military. Don’t commit CRIMES on behalf of the Bama Buddhist Ultranationalist army.

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In Democracy, Minority’s EQUAL Rights must be protected from the tyrannizing majority

January 22, 2012

SOURCE: Extracts from Majority Rule/Minority Rights: Essential Principles from Democracy web

Majority Rule

In practice, democracy is governed by its most popularly understood principle: majority rule.

Namely, the side with the most votes wins, whether it is an election, a legislative bill, a contract proposal to a union, or a shareholder motion in a corporation. The majority (or in some cases plurality) vote decides.

Democracy Requires Minority Rights

Yet majority rule can not be the only expression of “supreme power” in a democracy.

If so, the majority would too easily tyrannize the minority.