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Muslim Luyechuns or Outstanding Students

August 14, 2013


Dr Htek Myek>>> Asso. Prof. Daw Win Win Myint, Chief Physician. Medical Ward. Muslim Free Hospital. YANGON.

KKG>I met her at Mu3 when I was House Surgeon. Last year I went to see her at IJN (National Heart Institute) KL twice when she accompanied her sister to be treated here.

Dr Nay Oo>> I didn’t know she was LYC back then.

I didn’t noticed and asked about LYC life of her initially and then she made confirmation when I asked her to tell.

Schooling in Burma produced brain- and heart-dead or damaged Racist graduates

April 15, 2013

Schooling in Burma, with all its mindless emphasis on test scores, class ranks, exam marks and ‘outstandingness’, has absolutely no organic correspondence with intellectual, personal or moral development of the human young there.

( I suppose that’s generally the Asian middle class disease — academic excellence with no serious thoughts. My teenage daughter in Berkeley, properly educated, can hold a serious intellectual conversation with my world renown academic mentor at Wisconsin. She showed absolutely no signs of being intimidated by him and his academic wife. In fact, she even enjoyed sharing her grounded reflections on what’s wrong with American middle schools!)


My sincere advice to Myanmar MOH and Government

February 23, 2013

My sincere advice to Myanmar MOH and Government: Don’t be too scared to send your staff especially post-graduate doctors and trained nurses in specific fields. If there is a G to G arrangement it is much easier to get a training post abroad. Take the necessary guarantee money or land titles as deposits. Just send as many junior experts for training abroad with G to G agreements.


Three Luyechun (Outstanding Student) Musketeers

November 26, 2011

Please kindly allow me write about three Luyechun friends: Dr. Soe Aung, Dr. Kamal and I. We are from different race and religions and different in ages. But we love each other, work and help each other….wonderful period of our time. And now we know that we are fellow LYCs. Of course all of us love our motherland and wish to be peaceful, prosperous and free 🙂 from all the socio-political problems.


I had made a history in UHKL under University Malaya to start accepting the Myanmar doctors

October 17, 2009

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