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How to acquire the Charisma to attain Power, riches and able to influence others

January 13, 2011

My friend Dr Zuraidi Ishak wrote in Malay on his FB wall_Ayat misti mau power … Bibir misti mau senyum … Wajah misti mau ceria … Hidup mesti mau selamba … 🙂

My Malay language is not very good but I understand what he meant. But as the saying goes, “No man is an island” to get an all-round successful life, we could not ignore others: our partners, relatives, in-laws, friends (personal, business, political and virtual), neighbours and our business associates including customers and clients.

To achieve what we want, we could not directly change others but we need to change ourselves so that we became Charismatic and got power and influence on others. I hope that all of us need the following virtues_