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The Dark Side of Democracy: The Modern Tradition of Ethnic and Political Cleansing

October 19, 2012
My friend Dr. Maung Zarni wrote>“Democracy in Myanmar“?
It would NOT even be a good idea.

When asked what he thought of “Western Civilization” during his tour of the West, Gandhi quipped “it would be a good idea”.

It gives me deep chill in my spine to think about the idea of an un-ashamedly racist, “Buddhistmajoritarian democracy in a country which is so ethnically and religiously diverse!

Human Rights in Islam

October 28, 2011

Human Rights in Islam

Source: ‘Allamah Abu al-‘A’la Mawdudi, al Tawhid Journal, vol. IV No. 3
Rajab-Ramadhan 1407


Before I discuss the human rights in Islam I would like to explain a few
points about two major approaches to the question of human rights: the Western  and Islamic. This will enable us to study the issue in its proper perspective  and avoid some of the confu- sion which normally befogs such a discussion.


Associations lament severe shortage of medical frontliners

December 15, 2010
Malaysian Red Crescent Society

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Source_Star: Associations lament severe shortage of medical frontliners By WONG PEK MEI

Paramedics are the frontliners in the medical services industry but a severe shortage of those qualified in this field is affecting the lives of the people in emergency cases, particularly road accidents.

There have been cases where hospitals could only send out ambulances with just a driver and a junior nurse, thus depriving victims of the crucial medical aid before they reach the hospitals.


About Amnesty International

December 9, 2010