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“Ethnocracy” not Democracy is practiced in Myanmar

November 10, 2013

“Ethnocracy” not Democracy is practiced in Myanmar.

The Lady doth protest too seldom

This ethno-nationalism is more likely to lead to a sort of “ethnocracy” than to a real democracy.

And it is important to remember that it has led to catastrophic outcomes in many other places (the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Nazi Germany …), and it is particularly dangerous in a country with as much diversity as Burma.

Arrested opposition would become instant heroes, if died would become martyrs

May 10, 2013

Daw Suu, U Win Tin, Min Ko Naing were at first opposition leaders only.
When the Military government arrested them, they not only became HEROES of the people but the icons of democracy and Human Right activists of the world. This is true for people like Mr Nelson Mandela and other dissidents around the world
If the gov kill any opposition member, like in South Africa or South America…they automatically became heroes.

Arrested opposition would become instant heroes, if accidentally died would become martyrs e.g. Bo Aung Kyaw of Myanmar, Che Guevara and Steve Biko of South Africa


Burma: Democracy veteran Win Tin warns of dark times ahead

April 18, 2013

Burma: Democracy veteran Win Tin warns of dark times ahead By Asian Correspondent Apr 18, 2013

As the Burmese new year begins, democracy veteran U Win Tin warns that its transition is being threatened by dark forces as Aung San Suu Kyi struggles to maintain her moral authority, writes Ellen Wiles

Win Tin. Pic: AP.

It is New Year’s Day in Burma. For the annual thingyan festival the streets have been wild with water spraying and drenched revellers. Just weeks ago an anti-Muslim killing spree was ravaging the streets of Meikhtila, and had begun to spread around the country. Many are breathing a sigh of relief that the increasingly boozy annual street festivities did not result in a resurgence of violent behaviour. But U Win Tin, 84-year-old co-founder of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party back in 1988 reflects on the recent violence and on the country’s future prospects with foreboding.


“Thein Sein is no Gorbachev!” FRANCE 24: THE INTERVIEW – U Win Tin

April 17, 2013

Maung Zarni wrote>>> “Thein Sein is no Gorbachev!”

Here is a must-watch 11 minutes-interview with NLD Co-founder Win Tin

1) “Myanmar Spring has no flowers”. People would say there is no real change at all.

2) “Aung San Suu Kyi has not changed in terms of her democratic thinking. But she is playing politics.

3) NLD isn’t really making compromises. Because there is nothing the military offers us to compromise on. ASSK is collaborating with it very much.


U Win Tin is an Islamophobic undemocratic and a certifiable racist

April 6, 2013

Actually U Win Tin is an Islamophobic. I argue with him when I was in 7th. Std. Useless fellow. I wrote about that incident. I looked down on U Win Tin since I was in 7th. Std, he was the Chief Editor in 1965. Later when this Thar Koo changed to democracy movement, I respected, love and campaign (just support and join the big international movement) for his release. Now he showed his real Racist undemocratic inner concept. Go to HELL U Win Tin. Big shot with Bigot ideas. Read this @ Burma’s Ne Win’s CEC members, Journalist U Win


Burma is changing, but not towards a simple state of freedom

March 30, 2013

Burma is changing, but not towards a simple state of freedom

By JOSEPH ALLCHIN Published: 7 November 2011

Not all are convinced: Burmese in Malaysia protest the ongoing offensives against ethnic minorities in Burma (Reuters)

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, Mark Twain once famously quipped. Indeed it seems it is a river in the memories of many international observers now swooning blindly over President Thein Sein and his reform agenda. (more…)

Burma’s Ne Win’s CEC members, Journalist U Win Tin and I

March 22, 2009

Let me to continue the previous encounter with Burma‘s Ne Win’s CEC members. That was one of the five times (Dr. Rector) Than Win and I were selected as an Out Standing Model Student and we were together at Nga Pali beach camp.