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Cronies should bail out Myanmar instead of letting our leaders to beg to World Bank

September 11, 2013

Cronies should bail out Myanmar instead of letting our leaders to beg to World Bank


The Personal Income Tax or Cooperate Income tax in any country in the world, including Myanmar is MUCH more than 20%.

So charge Income Tax accordingly. As the World Bank loan is less than 10% of the 11 Billion…Myanmar Country could even earn and spend the balance 10 to 15% for the people after paying back the World Bank loan PROUDLY without needing to beg.


Rakhine and Radical Monks are trying to burn down the whole Myanmar

November 4, 2012

Rakhines R doing this in Arakan.

But why U Thein Sein is allowing the Radical Monks to do this through the country?

And Daw Suu is pretending to see nothing.

May be they are hoping that UN, NGOs OIC, World Bank, US and EU etc would donate to rebuild the whole country.

Rakhine and Radical Monks are trying to burn down the whole Myanmarso that they could do Ethnic Cleansing and set up a Bama Buddhist Nationalist Country.

News for Malaysia Talent Corporation about Brain Drain

October 5, 2011

INFORMATION for Talent Corp. Malaysia…..

Malaysian Doctors in UMMC (UM) with 20 yrs contract as Training Lecturers (eligible to apply only after finishing TWO YEARS’ training as House Officers) are paid RM 1500 per month only, with Increment of RM 1.00 per year. If resigned any time before finishing 20 yrs contract, need to pay heavy penalty of RM 400,000.00. No wonder there is BRAIN DRAIN. Talent Corp. Malaysia should just disband if cannot change this kind of stupid pay scale.

Please just look at the following news in the Star today: Effective Nov 1, the minimum monthly wage for Indian maid (in Malaysia) is RM1,400 and RM850 for plantation workers. It also set the minimum wage of RM800 for restaurant, construction and general workers.


The ‘vicious cycle’ of brain drain

September 30, 2011

Source:The Business Star, The ‘vicious cycle’ of brain drain By FINTAN NG

WE have often heard how brain drain is a vicious cycle and how this cycle has affected Malaysia’s current and future growth prospects.

The country, despite seeing a large diaspora in comparison to the population, is a “receiving country” with as many as 2.4 million immigrants according to the World Bank‘s 2011 Migration and Remittances Factbook.
Of these, some 40% have secondary education while in recent years, some 40% had no formal education at all.


Brain drain: Understanding the root causes

May 13, 2011

Extracts from the MInsider, “Brain drain: Understanding the root causes” by Ronald Benjamin

  1. The World Bank official said that Malaysia would have had five times the FDI foreign direct investment if not for its discriminatory policy.
  2. a million skilled Malaysian workers left to overseas without any intention of coming back.
  3. Perkasa has claimed that even the Malays are leaving Malaysia due to the discrimination.


Gaddafi is not a “Terrible Dictator and Blood sucking monster”

May 10, 2011

My good friend/patient Mr Alan Kok sent me this interesting e-mail: Gaddafi is not a “Terrible Dictator and Blood sucking monster”

Did you know this about Libya ?
Hard to believe……..Not many people know about it ! 
Some other facts (that mainstream media will never tell you) about this “terrible dictator and blood sucking monster” Gaddafi who “terrorizes” his own people:
Credits to Libyan citizens were given with NO interest. Almost all loans eventually get converted to grants


The essentials against graft

December 12, 2010

Source_Star: The essentials against graft By SHAILA KOSHY

For a solid strategy to wipe out corruption, enforcement must work in tandem with prevention and education. That’s the experience the Hong Kong ICAC is sharing with the world.

WHEN its Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was set up in 1974, Hong Kong was said to be a sump of corruption. In just three years, it had smashed all the corruption syndicates in the government and prosecuted 247 civil servants, including 143 police officers.