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Metamorphosing of Democratic Icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi into Bigot Dictator?

October 25, 2013

Please read my article in Burma Digest using the Pseudonym SHWE BA  and shared in my San Oo Aung blog

Myanmar Folk Tale: Metamorphosis of Saviors into Monsters

Once upon a time, long long time ago, there was a village in a far away remote area of Burma called, let’s say, Shwe Bama village. Because of the constant disturbances of the wild beast, the villagers were wishing, praying and waiting for a hero to fight and kill the beast and to liberate them.

One day a prince came to the village and offered his self-less humanitarian voluntary service for the liberation of the village. The prince fought and successfully killed the beast, so the villagers thanked him and offered all the rewards including the right to rule their village. But later the kindhearted, handsome and noble prince surprisingly disappeared from the village. Worse of all, there also suddenly appeared a new ogre (giant) in the forest near the village. So the villagers were very sad and just prayed and wished for another warrior to help them.


‘Indians Should Watch Out in Myanmar’

October 25, 2013

‘Indians Should Watch Out in Myanmar’

As an Indian woman traveling across Myanmar for three weeks in September,  I had many wonderful experiences where people’s kindness and generosity surprised me.

So I don’t want what comes next to deter others from venturing into its lush green landscape, tropical forests and slow-paced cities.


Increasing insecurity in Myanmar

October 22, 2013

Increasing insecurity in Myanmar By Yola Verbruggen, Guest Contributor – 21 October 2013

5 Billboard in Hpa-an, Kayin State, Myanmar

The recent bombings in Myanmar have increased insecurity. People fear an unknown perpetrator with an unknown agenda. There is a lot of speculation. Are the perpetrators frustrated ethnic minorities, radical Buddhists, Muslim extremists or are elements from the government behind the attacks? One thing is certain, the bombings pose yet another threat to peace in Myanmar.


Myanmar’s ethnic conflicts: Waiting for the dividend

October 4, 2013

Myanmar’s ethnic conflicts: Waiting for the dividend

Despite hopes of a nationwide ceasefire agreement, the trust needed for lasting peace remains a long way off

Oct 5th 2013 | HPA-AN


October 4, 2013

MAPIM : Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization

Press Release MAPIM
3rd October 2013


We are outraged at the current fresh violence against Muslims in Thantwe, Rakhine State.

It is shocking to learn from The Burmese Muslim Association (BMA) report of the attack on ethnic Kaman Muslims in Thantwe on 30th September leaving at least 30 lives and has destroyed many homes and properties.

Human Rights Abuses Since Thein Sein Became President

October 2, 2013

Human Rights Abuses Since Thein Sein Became President

10 Jul 2013

Burma Briefing No. 26

President Thein Sein has been hailed by the British government and many other world leaders as a reformer. He has even been described as courageous. In their rush to embrace Thein Sein as a democratic reformer, the British government, which used to talk about justice, accountability, and ending impunity in Burma, seem prepared to ignore the fact that Thein Sein spent 14 years on the ruling council of the previous dictatorship, and was one of its most senior members.


I’d like to order three 16-inch “Rule of Law” pizzas for Ma Ma Suu

October 2, 2013

Dr. Maung Zarni

As Kaman villages burned and 94-year old Kama lady stabbed multiply to death by the good “Buddhists” of new Myanmar, I have ordered a pizza for Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD CEC. Here is my conversation, imagined, with the Pizza Hut in Yangon (I hope Pizza Hut opens and brings Western civilization with it for the Burmese dissidents who still need to learn to eat Pizza and internalize human rights and compassion).

Myanmar Government inciting HATRED on Muslims in Kachin State to create a Christian-Islam conflict

October 1, 2013

The Myitkyina District Administrative Council, Kachin State, sent the following official letter to the local Ward Administrative Councils.

According to the decision at the meeting held by Muslims at the Tachanpae Masjid in Yangon:

  1. Students from the Muslim Orphanage Schools must rape Myanmar Buddhist girls to create problems during the months of September and October 2013.
  2. Once any problems started, to burn (Muslim) own houses and houses of others.
  3. To take as much photographs as possible.
  4. To send those evidences abroad to foreign countries to discredit Myanmar as there is a widespread (Buddhist) terrorist activity in the country.


Warning or Travel Advisory for Malaysians visiting Myanmar SEA Games

September 28, 2013

Myanmar SEA Games: Malaysian Embassy To Issue Travel Advisory

From Farhanah Azmi. YANGON (Myanmar), Sept 28 (Bernama) — The Malaysian Embassy in Myanmar will issue a travel advisory for Malaysians visiting Myanmar for the 27th SEA Games which will be held from Dec 11-22.

Ambassador Dr Ahmad Faisal Muhamad said advisory was necessary as:

  1. Myanmar was not a tourist-friendly nation
  2. They must carry United States dollars
  3. The notes must in good condition
  4. “Security will be boostedVisitors must comply with all laws and respect the culture of the country
  5. “Visitors must also only head for venues for the SEA Games
  6. as not all places can be visited,


Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood the Muslim who donate free Yangon Tram Pass for Monks

September 15, 2013

Tram free ride for monks

Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood
Director, Rangoon Electric Tramways, Rangoon (Burma)

  • Ko Ko Gyi I heard the owner of this electric train was a ?Muslim but donate a free ride for monks in the morning for “Soon Khan Kwya”.
  • Ko Ko Gyi TQ Ko Maung Khin for confirmation of the owner of the Muslim Tram, Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood, Director, Rangoon Electric Tramways, Rangoon (Burma) who donated the free ride for monks.
  • Maung Maung Ko I Think he also owned ” NAT THA MEE ” Match factory
  • Maung Khin Yes sure…in his chronology… 1923 Established a Largest Match Factory in Asia at Rangoon (Burma).
  • Maung Maung Ko During my young age his name was one of the long and difficult to pronounce as written on the small little match boxes..
  • Ko Myo Yes that Bangali Kalar Gyi tried to burn our Golden Land down with his matches! !!!!
  • Ko Ko Gyi And the popular joke at that time was “Oo du thone par khan thee” associated with the brand of his matches.