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Unruly lines between Myanmar and China

February 11, 2013

Source: China’s history in Myanmar: Unruly lines

THE border between Yunnan province and northern Myanmar (formerly Burma) has always been porous. To the people who live in the region, the border is a crooked mark on other people’s maps, an arbitrary boundary snaking its way 2,400 kilometres through rugged and wild terrain. The authorities in Beijing have seen the same land as a lawless borderland, a place to be controlled.


“Myanmar Gateway” between ASEAN, India and China

September 16, 2011
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Source: Yunnan opens all its borders By Li Yingqing, Guo Anfei and Liu Yujiao (China Daily)

Yunnan province has seen new opportunities for improving both its economy and its society now that a provincial project has become part of a national strategy.

Yunnan’s Gateway Project was started in December 2009 as a direct response to remarks that President Hu Jintao made during a visit to Yunnan in July of that year.


Selected 1971 Outstanding Student list in Newspaper ဗိုလ်တထောင်သတင်းစာ – ၁၉၇၁ လူရည်ချွန် စာရင်းများထုတ်ပြန်ကျေညာ

May 19, 2011

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Indians or KALARS in Burmese History

April 29, 2011

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Indians in Burmese History”

Indians have a long and active history in Burma. Indians have actively engaged in Burma for over 2,000 years in all spheres of life i.e. politics, religion, culture, arts and cuisine and the effect can be seen today.[1][2]


China-Myanmar railways

March 3, 2011

A proposal is under construction for a 1920 km rail link between Kunming, the capital of China’s Yunnan Province and Yangon, with plans to extend the line up to Tavoy where a major port development project of Thailand is coming up.


100 year anniversary of Myanmar Chinese Muslim’s “PANTHAY Masjid” in Mogyoke

February 19, 2011

         ‎100 year anniversary of Myanmar Chinese Muslim‘s PANTHAY Masjid” in Mogok would be held on March 28 2011                                 


Myanmar Chinese Muslims have their own masjids in Mandalay since 1850+ and in Mogok later. So it is already 100-150 years old now. They R the original Muslims from Hui. Here in Malaysia, Chinese Muslims R converted from Han. One great con…vert HAN Chinese Muslim Religious leader (Ustaz from PERKIM, Malaysia) once wrote that he and the Malaysian Chinese Muslims R superior than ORIGINAL Chinese Muslims from China because they are HANS but not Huis!

May be he forgot or NEVER UNDERSTAND the Farewell Sermon (Arabic: خطبة الوداع, Khuṭbatu l-Wadā), also known as the Prophet’s Final Sermon or The Last Sermon, was delivered by Muhammad on 9 Dhu al-Hijjah, 10 AH (632) in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat (in Mecca, seventy-two days before his death, at the end of his final pilgrimage.

High-speed rail lines starting soon from China’s Yunnan to Yangon, Malaysia, Singapore , Cambodia, Thailand and Laos

December 17, 2010

Source: Yangon rail line to start soon: Chinese official By Kyaw Hsu Mon and Agencies in  



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WORK on a high-speed rail line linking Yangon to China’s Yunnan province, as well as Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, is expected to start within two months, China Daily newspaper reported on November 21.

Should the plan come to fruition, the 1920-kilometre (1200 miles) Yunnan-Yangon line will be able to carry trains travelling at up to 240 kilometres an hour (km/h).