To all those Myanmar doctors, Work Permit holding Workers and EP holding professionals…

To all those Myanmar doctors, Work Permit holding Workers and EP holding professionals…

I head some of you back biting about my postings…wrongly claiming and blaming that because of me some of you felt awkward, embarrassed and some even thought that their lives were miserable and try to avoid me.

I was sad because some of them got jobs directly or indirectly because of me. (Of cause they were fated and because of God’s will and approval.)

When NO Myanmar (Burmese) were accepted here in Malaysia and Singapore, I wrote to the relevant PMs to lobby to allow the workers from Burma and Professionals. To TDM and I even got reply letter from Former PM Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s I wrote to Malaysia PM, Minister of Home Affairs for that matter especially when the Indons revolt, fighting with police even overturning police cars and waving their flags. And there were big gang fight between Indons and Bangladeshi workers because Indon girls left their countrymen and follow Bollywood movie star lookalike handsome Bangladesh workers. I wrote that it could be avoided if allow Burmese workers. (But it is worse now to see Muslim girls marrying or staying to gather with Buddhists…But I stay away from inciting the public, NGO and Gov.)

When the Immigration refused to give EP to Mg Mg (first visit) I wrote and complaint about the unfairness and discrimination practiced on Muslims of Myanmar and Rohingyas, giving about 20 personal names and incidences. And corruption in their La Wa Ka and the agents to the PM. I had even scanned the copy of newspaper pic and news about changes in la wa ka because of my letter but later made it private because afraid of repercussions.

And I had the very good relations with ALL the previous Myanmar Ambassadors, Military Attaches, all their staff and even their families. I keep on lobbying to allow more endorsement in PP, PP period, welfare of Myanmar Workers and to issue PP for trafficked Myanmar girls runaway from brothels. Never mind… if no one believe no problem. Once former Ambassador’s wife came and visit KL but stayed in our house. When Helicopter Tin Oo’s son came and see her at our house, I requested the former Ambassador’s wife who was very closed to the Myanmar PM of that time (working together with that PM’s Mrs) to appoint a SPECIAL OFFICER IN KL to look after the welfare of Myanmar workers. Just look at the case of 2 Shan girls who (were allowed to) run away from KL brothels after abduction from Thailand only when they got HIV. Myanmar Ambassador went to Singapore (not because my request) to see the PM Khin Nyunt (may be he was still an MI Chief) and requested for those girls. Then only he could issue Myanmar Passports and bought tickets to send back home.

And because of my letter to the VC of UM or University Malaya (VC if the highest authority, Rectors or Deans of different faculties are under him and the king is the Chancellor and just honorary post only) Myanmar Specialists were started to accept (actually because of the letter they went to Burma to recruit specialists.) And I was the pioneer to start work there as the Medical Officer and also first person to be accepted as a Master Student.

Read here as a proof: (Note the VC himself wrote and signed the letter to me.

I had made a history in UHKL under University Malaya to start accepting the Myanmar doctors

Dr Soe Aung I never forget Dr Rahman for help and support while I was in Malaysia. I finished my MPH with his support. Got job at UH A&E with his recommendation under Prof J Teoh.
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Muhammad Ghiyathudeen A Salam May Allah always Protect Dr.Abdul Rahman for his noble deeds.
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Ko Ko Gyi In 1967 I went to the PM’s office entrance to give a poster I made by copying 200% few times on a one columnx 2.5 inch news report…the remarks of Marahun Datuk Magut Junid Magut Ayob, Deputy Home Minister. He said he cannot accept Rohingyas were prosecuted, how come they could cross Burma to Malaysia, they would be arrested, put to jail, FORCED THEM TO WORK IN JAIL to earn money to deport back to Burma. I highlighted the words and wrote in RED INK on that big poster I made. I wrote asking whether he was a Muslim? That kind of heart on poor Muslims? And AT LAST wrote in RED…If forced them to in jail…is FORCED LABOUR and punishable by International Standards…IF Malaysia DARE to do that ILO could boycott all Malaysia goods at ALL ports…sea and air….(Quite insulting threat be a foreigner sent to the PM’s office) I sent that poster to NST and ABIM Chairman’s office also…Police security asked my PP and copy all the details…..No only I am scared…TQ TDM for not arresting with ISA…TQ Datuk Magut….for not arresting (As PM was the Home Minister…Datuk Magut was very powerful at that time)…later when my adopted daughter was chopped with red ink “TO LEAVE” on Friday afternoon…We searched Datuk Megat with the help of my UMNO friend…found at his mother’s house…He signed and approved ONE year visa on our appeal letter…May Allah swt forgive his sins (if any) and grant the Jannath on him.
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Ko Ko Gyi I am proud to claim that since that time onwards…there were no more claim to forced Rohingyas and ILLEGAL MYANMAR MIGRANTS to force to work.

I know I cannot claim full responsibility for the workers permits as the main cause of given PETRONAS Oil and Gas PERMITS and Bangladesh had given to USA…So there was a switch from Bangladesh workers (total banned at that time0 I MAY BE WRONG ABOUT THAT STOPPING. But Burmese worker started with Aung Thaung’s lobby.

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