Dato’ Ahmad Noordin, former Secretary General of PERKIM and RISEAP

Dato’ Ahmad Noordin was the greatman who replied my letter to the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, late Tunku Abdul Rahman. When he heard that I arrived Malaysia, he asked Dr Ebrahim that he wish to see me.

When I got the few dozen of reject letters of job application, I photocopied all of them and personally left a farewell letter with his secretary as my visa was going to finish soon. On the NIGHT OF LAILATUL Kadar, 27th. Ramdam, after magrib, he came to to Ebrahim’s house in Jl Keramat Hujong, wher I was staying. He told me that he will appoint me as a PERKIM doctor, not to go back to Burma and to just travel to Singapore and Thailand to avoid the visa problem.

When I resign from PERKIM, as the former SG of PERKIM, he knew our problem. He thought PERKIM stopped me and cam to our house to offer a job in RISEAP.

Now after the MI he had done Cardiac Angiopasty in UHKL. Because of the blood thining drugs he had to take, he got a stroke and lost all the memory and is now staying in Alorstar, Kedah.

May Allah bless him and protect his whole family.

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