The Royal Family of Burma

The Last King of Burma

Source: from the website Royal Ark. (Mr James) (I will search and give the link later as my pts are waiting outside) I will ask permission by sending e mail to Mr Christopher Buyers @ susuhanan”at” 

Face Book of Alfred Balwin (may be those with FB account only could see this)

The last King & Queen of Myanmar Pyi – a Sovereign Nation. Exiled to Ratnagiri in India 1885. King Thibaw died there. Supayalat returned to Burma with two of her three children in 1918 after Thibaw’s death. She lived out the rest of her days devoting her life to the Buddhist faith on a government stipend.

His Majesty King Thibaw. Last King of Myanmar Pyi He b. Magwe 1st January 1859 He d. at Ratnagiri, Bombay, India, 15th December 1916, age 58 of a Heart Attack.

Having had issue, two sons and six dauhters:

1) H.R.H. Prince (Shwe Kodaw-gyi) Maung … b. at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, 9th September 1879 (s/o Suhpaya Lat). He d. there, from smallpox, 26th March 1880.

2) H.R.H. Prince (Shwe Kodaw-gyi) Maung … b. at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, November 1885 (s/o Queen Suhpaya Gale). He d. young.

1) H.R.H. Princess (Hteik Suhpaya) … b. at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, August 1880 (d/o Suhpaya Lat). She d. from smallpox, at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, March 1883.

2) H.R.H. Princess (Hteik Suhpaya) … b. at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, July 1881 (d/o Suhpaya Lat). She d. from smallpox, at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, March 1883.

3) H.R.H. Princess (Hteik Suhpaya) Myat Mibura Gyi [Ashin Hteik Su Myat Phaya Gyi]. b. at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, 1882 (d/o Suhpaya Lat). m. at Ratnagiri, Bombay, India, Shrimant Gopal Bhaurao Savant, sometime Gatekeeper Havildar at Ratnagiri, Bombay, India. She d. at Ratnagiri, Bombay, India, 3rd June 1947, having had issue, one son and two daughters:

a) A son. b. at Rangoon, February 1919.

a) Tu Tu. b. at Ratnagiri, Bombay, India, 26th November 1906. m. Shankar Powar, and had issue, seven children.

b) A daughter. b. 24th February and d. 31st March 1918.

4) H.R.H. Princess (Hteik Suhpaya) Myat Paya Lat. b. at the Royal Palace, Ratnapura, 1884 (d/o Suhpaya Lat). m. at the Collector’s Bungalow, Ratnagiri, Bombay, India, 20th February 1917, Thakin Kin Maung Lat, Private Sec. to Ex-King Thibaw, sometime Officer in the Indian Police, son of the ‘Duke and Duchess’ of Ngape and Mindat. She d.s.p. at Kalimpong, India, 4th April 1956.

5) H.R.H. Princess (Hteik Suhpaya) Myat Phaya. b. at Madras, 7th March 1886 (d/o Suhpaya Lat). m. (first) 1922 (div. 1929) H.H. Prince (Hteik Tin) Kadow Gyi (d. at Rangoon, 11th November 1954), a grandson of H.R.H. Sri Pawara Maha Suriya Dharmaraja Maha Uparaja Anaudrapa Ainshe Min, Mindat Min. m. (second) U Mya U (d. during the Japanese occupation), a lawyer. She d. from cancer at Maymyo, 21st July 1962, having had issue, one daughter by her first husband – see above.

6) H.R.H. Princess (Hteik Suhpaya) Mayat Paya Galay. b. at Ratnagiri, Bombay, India, 25th April 1887 (d/o Suhpaya Lat). m. 1921, U Naing, a former monk. She d. at Moulmein, 3rd March 1936, having had issue, four sons and two daughters:

a) George Taw Phaya Gyi. b. 6th May 1922. He was k. by the communists 12th April 1948, having had issue, two sons.

b) Edward Taw Phaya [U Tun Aung]. b. 22nd March 1924. m. 4th May 1944, Princess (Hteik Su) Gyi Phaya Rita (b. 20th May 1924), daughter of Prince Kadow Gyi, by his wife, H.R.H. Princess Myat Phaya, third daughter of H.M. Hpondawgyi Hla-thaw Hpaya Shwe Nanshin Hpaya Hsinbyushin Sri Pawara Aditya Lawka Vijaya Nandaratta Tilaka Adipati Pandita Maha Dharma Rajadhiraja Thibaw Min Thaya Gyi, King of Burma. He had issue, five sons and two daughters:

i) Richard Taw Phaya Myat Gyi. b. 14th May 1945.

ii) David Taw Phaya Myat. b. 1st April 1947.

iii) Edward Taw Phaya Myat Nge. b. 27th April 1948. He d. 14th November 1955?

iv) Joseph Taw Phaya Myat Aye. b. 19th March 1950.

v) Paul Taw Phaya Myat Thaike. b. 19th February 1954.

i) Ann-Marie Su Phaya Lay. b. 10th September 1952.

ii) Rose-Marie Su Phaya Naing. b. 21st April 1956.

c) Taw Phaya Lay. b. 30th July 1926.

d) Terence Taw Phaya Nge. b. 17th July 1925, educ. Rangoon Univ.

He had issue, three sons and one daughter.

e) Frederick Taw Phaya Galae [U Aung Zay].

He had issue, one daughter:

a) Hteik Su Tessie Phaya Gyi.

b. 5th April 1923. m. and had issue, two sons and three daughters:

b) Hteik Su Margaret Phaya Htwe. b. 20th August 1927.

Comments: Says :
hi my name is Achong Mark Namchu i’m frm Kalimpong,a small hill station in india.I don’t knw mch abt Burma’s history but, i know that one of Princess of Burma who was exiled frm her country,came to India and settled down in Kalimpong. It so happens that my family is staying in the same house since the 1950’s ,i have heard stories about the Princess and her husband from my grandfather,however im nt sure which Princess it was,but i’m happy to be a part of Burma’s history.
Amartya Sarkar Says :
It was Princess Myat Paya Lat, the King’s second daughter who lived in Kalimpong as an exile. She was not accepted by the royal family as she had married a commoner(one of the king’s secretaries.

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  1. yin yin oo Says:

    thank you for giving us a detailed compilation of our last royal family.
    they are gone but not forgotten in our hearts.

    yin yin oo
    myanmar embassy , cairo

    • Aung Sithu Says:

      U Soe Win who was retired from Foreign Affairs office around in 2008. His father is Taw Bayar Gyi (Eledest son of 4th Daughter of King Thibaw and Su Bayar Latt). He is 3rd Generation of last King Thibaw & Su Bayar Latt. you might know him…Because..he is one of Foreign Affairs Department’s Senior stuff. The last king Thibaw’s royal families is still a live and living in Yangon and Pyin Oo Lwin City currently…royal family list are wrong that mention here…

  2. carlo sacco Says:

    hello, I know well that photograph with royal family also to have bought it on ebay (a photographic glass plate). I should like to know the author of that photograph owing I have many of Adolphe Klier but on that there is not written the name of the photyographer. If You know who made that picture please contact my e-mail:
    Yr news will useful to me to archive with the exact name of the author that picture. Thank You very much for Yr information. carlo sacco

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Sorry, I don’t know.

    • michele postiglione bellamy Says:

      Salve Sig. Carlo Sacco dal nome si direbbe che è italiano, lo sono anche io per parte di padre mentre mia madre è Birmana di Maymyo, dove sono nato anche io. Lei è Yadana Nat Mai princess of Limbin e in questo periodo sto cercando d ricostruire anche attraverso le immagini la storia della mia famiglia birmana. Ho letto che ha comprato la foto in questione su ebay, è appassionato di quel periodo storico così come della zona? Mi farebbe piacere saperlo anche per chiedere se ha ulteriore materiale fotografico. Grazie, cordiali saluti

      • Dr Ko Ko Gyi Says:

        I have translated your post with Google translate>>>
        michele postiglione bellamy
        Mar 14, 2020
        Hello Mr. Carlo Sacco from the name it would be said that he is Italian, I am also on the father’s side while my mother is Burmese of Maymyo, where I was born too. She is Yadana Nat Mai princess of Limbin and in this period I am trying to reconstruct the story of my Burmese family through images. I read that he bought the photo in question on ebay, are you passionate about that historical period as well as the area? I’d also like to know to ask if you have additional photographic material. Thank you

  3. Hemant Says:

    I am from Mumbai, and travel to Ratnagiri. This time I could not locate Tu Tu or her siblings, if anyone has any information about them I shall try to find or ask someone to find about their whereabouts.

  4. Ashwin Pawar Says:

    Thanks for this information. I happened to be in Darjeling 2 years back but had no idea about this piece of info. Thanks for sharing.

    I happed to come across this blog while reading Amitav Ghohs’ ‘The Glass Palace where he has mentioned about the king. It really got me interested and trying to find more information.

    Is anyone from the king’s side still living in ratnagiri ?

    Next time I am in Darjeling I will certainly visit your place at kalimpong.


  5. drkokogyi Says:

    It is difficult to imagine that Burma and India have a deep connection. It is on record that the British in 1824 began a conquest of Burma which was completed by 1885 when the Third Anglo-Burmese war was fought. The Burmese were decisively defeated and the King of Burma, Theba surrendered. The British as is their wont ,arrested the entire Royal family and sent it to India in exile. The idea was to stiffle any nationalistic notions of the Burmese people, which may have erupted in case the King had remained in Burma. The British followed up and Burma was incorporated as a province of India and the Raj became omnipotent.

    The place chosen by the English to keep the King Theba and his family was Ratnagiri. This is a fairly large town on the Goa Mumbai highway in the state of Mahrashtra. Similarly, it will be recollected that Emperor Bahadur Shah, Moghul ruler at Delhi was exiled by the English to Rangoon, after the 1857 mutiny had been put down.Again the idea was to throttle any attempt in later years to revive Moghul rule.

    To house the Burmese King the British built a large palace. This palace is situated in the heart of Ratnagiri and since 2000 is a state protected monument. This happened after the Burmese government wrote to the Indian government in 1994, to help conserve the place as a historical entity. Earlier it was used as the residence of the Collector and sundry other work.

    It is on record that the King moved into this palace in 1910 and spent the later part of his life there, till his death. He was never allowed to go back to Burma. The king was kept in relative comfort by the British, but he was forbidden to take part in any political movement.

    The Government has now ambitious plans to upgrade the monument as a tourist attraction. As the main occupant of the palace was King Theba, a special gallery dedicated to the life of the king in Burma and India will be opened. Work is already on for this. In addition the government plans a museum in the palace.The museum will display wooden replicas of Ships used by Maratha, English and Moguls. It will also have ancient scriptures as well as display local Konkani art. The restoration work of the Palace is in full swing and perhaps at the opening the Burmese ambassador can be expected.

  6. drkokogyi Says:

    Title: Pauper princess
    Author: Shameem Akthar, Ratnagiri
    Publication: Outlook
    Date: October 12, 1998

    What did the fey Burmese princess Fayas brood over as she paced
    before the bare house built by her Indian husband? Did she
    reflect over the vanished glory of her father Teeba, last king of
    Upper Burma who, despite being a prisoner of the British, lived
    here regally, displaying a generosity that bordered on
    extravagance? Did she wonder if her munificence would shove her
    only daughter Baisubai ‘Tutu’ into a morass of poverty? But Tutu,
    gnarled with age-an estimated 105 years-is gifted with a
    stubborn, death-thwarting life force. And so she sits rheumy-eyed
    in her shed-house, awaiting the Grim Reaper.

    Read all here @

  7. James Says:

    He has given nothing. He has copied and reproduced from the website Royal Ark.

    The usual “Indian” way – copy, plagiarise, never ask permission, never refer to, thank or acknowledge sources. Just pretend it is your own work.


    • drkokogyi Says:

      Sorry Mr James. I am a Myanmar Muslim and Mr Alfred is a Myanmar Karen Christian. We R not Indians. I just copy and paste from my friend’s FB. Because I do not know the real sourse I failed to ask permission.
      I hereby apologize YOU, Mr James and ORIGINAL author of the article. As your article is a presious historical posting, please my you kindly allow me to keep this like this. I will acknowledge the sourse above the article.
      Although I started this blog as an autobiography, for a first generation migrant in another country, I wish to leave some background facts for my desendents, so I used to cut and paste some relevant and interesting postings. I used to acknowledge the sources. As a non profit, (I never advertise any thing) posting I WRONGLY thought that it is a fair use.
      As my great great grandfathers had migrated from Afaganistan, Pakistan, India and my wife’s ancestors from Yunan, China, but we do not know the EXACT ROOTS. So I am writting this for my desendants only.
      TQ for the information.
      Please kindly accept my apology

  8. Alan Kok Says:

    Hi Dr Kokogyi,

    This James is the original writer who wrote about the Burmese King who died in India with no chance to return to Burma? He seemed to be outraged that permission was not sought from him. Now that you’ve apologised, just go on writing, after all you’re quoting from Alfred’s text. Some people are very particular. Some are just happy his articles
    had been quoted and publish as a source etc. Regards,

    from Alan Kok

  9. ripan biswas Says:

    here at murshidabad, a district of west bengal, india there is a tomb locally known as the tomb of exiled king thebow of burma exist. Now i came to know he was exiled at ratnagiri maharastra. I am totally confused…which one is the real tomb of king thibow..?…if anyone knows plz send me an mail.

  10. alan kok Says:

    Dear Dr Ko Ko Gyi,

    On further reading, this James didn’t identify himself as the original text writer of the web of “The Royal Ark”, so readers and you can just snub him.
    Though you’re not Indian, and I’m Chinese Malaysian, we feel outraged by his callous and discriminating use of the phrase “the Indian way”. That’s quite insulting. If he dares to accuse anyone else using unscrupulous language, I’ll make sure he gets a merciless bombardment from me.
    I don’t like haughty people who arrogates authority.

    TQ my dear friend.

    • Christopher Buyers Says:

      Whatever Mr James says or does not say makes no difference to the basic fact.

      The text and information has been plagiarized from the Royal Ark website without asking or being given permission by the author and researcher.

      That is reprehensible whether one is Indian, Burmese Muslim or Malaysian Chinese.

      Being outraged because one does not like being called Indian, will not help any when hauled before a court of law for breaching copyright. Nor will one help one’s case by pretending that the person who pointed out the breach was not the writer of the text.

      In fact, the damages you will have to pay may actually be higher, when the judge learns that you were informed of the breach put deliberately decided to continue on regardless. The more so when the judge learns that all that needed to be done was to give a link to the website concerned. No actual need to have copied at all or to take the trouble to remove watermarks and copyright signs.

      Christopher Buyers
      The Royal Ark

  11. Prathamesh Manjrekar Says:

    i hear one of the daughters got married to a guy whose surname was manjrekar-cheerz

  12. sandi Says:

    I am very interested to hear about the Burmese Royal family as my grandmother was Burmese and my dad is also Burmese. We have been told by my uncle living now in Australia that we are related to the Royal family through my grandmother but I am unaware of how the connection dates back. I do know that my grandmother Sybil (married name – Hilbert) was born in India and her grandmother was a Burmese princess. My dad was born in Burma and his father owned a rubber tree farm but was forced off of his land by the government in the 1950’s.
    Would anybody be able help with names and possible confirmations?

    • Alan Kok Says:

      It’ll be great to get Sandi’s kins together after so many yrs since the 50s. With Dr Ko Ko Gyi’s connection and help, guess she’ll hear pretty soon about her grandmother’s roots and the family’s. Good luck.

      Alan Kok

  13. victor geach Says:

    I was also told that my great grandmother,was a Burmese princess,and her name was Mah May, and she married a Andrew Brown who had a daughter Lucy ,and she married Herbert Geach in Rangoon.I would like to here from any body who might have some imformation.Victor Geach.

    • Pam Says:

      Do you think that your great grandmother’s name was Mai-Mai? If so, she was my grandmother’s godmother and the godfather was General Edward Fowle. My grandmothers name was Catherine Marie de Badelier de St. Pierre de Calais. Her mother would have been your great grandmother’s sister…HSH Princess Catherine Louise de Badalier. I don’t know her Burmese name because in order to marry, she had to become a Catholic and took a Saints name. I have the baptism, marriage certificates from St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Rangoon. My Mother was born in Burma but was exported to Scotland during the British invasion. So was her brother and sister but her youngest brother stayed in Burma with his Mother and wandered through the jungle for 4 years until they were rescued and sent to Scotland. My Mother almost never talked about her childhood so I have very little info on Burma. She just would say that she had servants that took care of her and her cousins in the Palace and there were bowls of rubies on the tables and the kids played with them like marbles???

      • Michelle Humphreys Says:

        Hi there Pam, my name is Michelle Humphreys.I am trying to find out more about my Burmese heritage.Your story about your family living in a Palace with servants and playing with rubies is very familiar.My grandmother Edna Humphreys who was born Edna Galway used to tell the same stories.She was born to a Burmese mother Clara Mai Nin and an Irish father Joseph Galway.One of my cousins seems to think wmay be of Royal descent but I am not sure.My grandmother had sisters called Joan / Sybil and Helena plus a brother called Joseph.I have a photo of my great grandmother Clara I could send you , it would be interesting to know if we could be related.I believe my grandmother had a sister who went to Australia but do not know the name .My family had a house in Maymoo and also one I Rangoon.please feel free to contact me , my email is michellehumhreys9@
        Look forward to hearing from you
        All the best Michelle Humphreys

    • Pam Says:

      I looked through the papers that I have because I knew the name Lucy was in there somewhere and my great grandmother’s name was Catherine Louise, she was King Thibaw and Queen Saraput’s daughter, and she went by the name Lucy. But she married Count Eugene de Badalier. The dates I have for things are so different from anything I read online so it’s hard to know what’s accurate. But since I have records of baptisms and marriages, I figure those are as accurate as I can get.

      • Christopher SMITH OAM JP Says:

        Mainly to Pam, you have mentioned the name Lucy, that rings a bell with me. Unfortunately my mother was brought at a time when adults did not tell their children anything. All I know is what I have previously posted. Except, my mothers name was/is Violet Ida Enid PATTEN-WILLIAMS for whatever reason, she dropped the PATTEN. However I am reliably informed, that during WW2 when the Japs invaded Burma, Government house, my mother escaped with two cousins, Barbara and Fern, they escaped into the jungle and spent many months getting their way to India, where my mother made contact with then Prince(or whatever the title was called) of the then Siam, who flew his private plane to India to retrieve my mother and her cousins. Absolutely no disrespect intended or implied with the immediate following the Prince, is now King of Thailand. When my parents would go to now Thailand, the King would send his plane and have my parents picked up and taken to him. I only mentioned the last part to give credibility.
        With restricted knowledge and resources I keep comming to a dead end. I can not find out whether my mother was born in Burma or indeed England. She did attend one of the two Universities in England.and was highly qualified,for a woman, in those days.

        Again, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

      • wayne Says:

        My great great grandfather was Eugene Badelier – I assume the same relative as yours?

      • Pam Says:

        How fun to meet a Badelier relative! So what country are you in?

      • londoncro Says:

        I’m in the Uk – London. My mother came here from Burma in 1961.

    • Brian Says:

      It seems anyone can have a Burmese princess in their ancestry. I am told my great-great-grandmother, Mah Shwe Bee, was also one of my daughters of King Thibaw. I wonder if Mah Shwe Bee and Mah May could have been sisters? Mah Shwe Bee worked as a seamstress/tailor and made Thibaw’s outfits. She married William Rollins in 1896 (Indian Office Registry) or 1898 (Army Returns). She later died in India.

  14. Christopher SMITH OAM JP Says:

    I am advised, my mother, Violet Ida Enid PATTEN WILLIAMS, born in Rangoon, Burma early 1900’s, 25/7/??. Is a princess of Burma. . I am further advised that my mother with two cousins escaped from Burma when the Japanese invaded. They escaped the then Government house, when all around them (family)were killed. They escaped through the jungle to India, I am further advised that contact was made with the now King of Thailand (No disrespect), who as a young man flew his plane to India to retrieve my mother.
    Her family were horrified when she married beneath her standing, an English soldier, Richard Edward SMITH,dob 17/8/19?? (my father) who refused a Commission.
    My grandmothers name was Ida PATTEN WILLIAMS my Grandfathers name escapes me?? PATTEN WILLIAMS.

    My mother had three brothers, Laurie,Norman and Harold PATTEN WILLIAMS

    This is all true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Unfortunately I have forgotten the great majority of what my mother told me as a child, due to head injuries. One of the cousins enlightened me when I started trying to find my ancestry. Unfortunately, without my grandmothers maiden name, I can go no further.

    People, please feel free to contact me, to either prove as correct or otherwise what I have written.
    All information will be greatfully appreciated

    • Pam Says:

      I couldn’t find anything in my box of papers and pictures ,that were my Mother’s, that had any of the names you are searching for. If your ancestors were Catholic, try St Mary’s Catholic Catherdral in Rangoon to see if they have any records of your ancestors births or marriages. Those records have dates, names and witness’ names on them which have given me some insight to my ancestry. Wish I could be of help.

    • Christopher Buyers Says:

      Sorry Christopher, but your story is quite incredible.

      The current King of Thailand was 13 years old when the Japanese invaded Burma. He was then a school boy in Switzerland where he remained throughout the period 1939 to 1945.

      Besides all of this, Thailand was allied to Japan and assisted the Japanese to invade both Burma and Malaya. In return for which Thailand received British territory. Several of the Shan states in southern Burma and the northern states of Malaya were transferred to Thai rule .

      All in all, the tale is very unlikely. You may have to put it down to a “family legend” and leave it that.

      I see that you use the post nominals of OAM, so are probably in Australia. Alas, it is sad to say that it is partly due to that country’s notorious “White Australia” policies, that many Anglo-Burmese perished in the long march to India. They would not honour an Anglo-Australian evacuation agreement concluded just before the Japanese invasion, because the people the British authorities were sending them were not all of “pure British stock”. The British, to their credit, said “all or none”. So many people who were of “pure British stock” also perished alongside their Anglo-Burmese brethren.

      Christopher Buyers

  15. Christopher SMITH OAM JP Says:

    RE: The immediate above. For clarity, I believe, my mother was not born a princess. If she was, then I think it was her mothers (my grandmothers), a member of her family married into royalty. Members of the then royal family, of Thailand (SIAM), attended the wedding.

  16. joanne Says:

    Good Day,

    I am working on my family tree and have been told that my great grand uncle married a Burmese princess. We were told that he had to flee Burma through the jungle and practically walked back to Bombay where he died. Can anyone tell me what resources I could use to find out if i do have family in Burma? Or at the very least about my uncle’s life in Burma? My family is of Goan decent.

    Many Thanks,


  17. Aung Sithu Says:

    Just want to introduce myself..i am the forth generation of last king Thibaw. My grandfather is “Taw Bayar Galay (Aung Zay)… who is grandson of King Thibaw & Su Bayar Latt… for further information …my email is

    • drkokogyi Says:

      TQ very much. I will read and also update in my blog. But please contact the original source, the website Royal Ark to correct their wrong data. TQ very much.

  18. Aung Sithu Says:

    Pretty disappointed to read about royal family list. Most are wrong…

    • Amuba, Imphal Says:

      please tell me if there is anything you know about Manipuri of India’s north east relationship with burma and seven years devastation of Manipur. waiting

  19. Aung Sithu Says:

    Royal family name list is incomplete and wrong… i have been given comments last night..and my comments had deleted… i am the 3rd grandson of Taw Phayar Galay (Aung Zay). i just want to mention….. if don’t know well about Royal Family of Last King Thibaw….should not publish on website…. Thanks…

  20. Aung Sithu Says:

    I will try to upload real Royal family tree of last King Thibaw & Su Phayar Latt soon. Then everybody can know…who is real royal family of King Thibaw & Queen Su Phayar Latt. Now I saw a lot of Burmese Princess with Western Name at above comments.. i have no idea who are they… “Prince & Princess” and “King’s relations” is totally different. There are a lots of relations of Last king Thibaw in myanmar. but they are not “Prince & Princess”…..
    hope to get my point…

  21. A Denmark Says:

    I have tried to research the history of my family many times and wondered whether anyone could shed any light please? My great grandfather, Hugh MacColl, was a judge or court official in Burma and married the daughter of a supposed wife of King Thibaw. I am not sure how her name is written but it has been passed down in the family as ‘Mypo’ or ‘Marpo’. There are several photos of her, her family and servants in existence.They had 13 children, one (my grandfather) was in the burmese police and prisoner of war. One of his sisters moved to UK and had numerous ‘royal costumes’ and artifacts in her house that are now on show in Brighton museum. She was reguarly visited by female Burmese ‘court representatives’ who also attended her funeral.
    I appreciate how history gets romantised over time but would dearly love to learn the actual connection to the royal family whether that be blood line or association. My great aunt used to recall her times playing in the palace grounds as a child. Sadly there are not many family members left to go to for further information.
    Many thanks…

  22. Tinat Atifa Masood Says:

    Dear Dr. Ko Ko Gyi,
    Assam and Burma has a special link. There were two royal marriages. In 1797, King Bodoyiphaya married Princess Rongali Aideu and the second princess he married was Princess Hemu or Bhemu (The city Bhamo may be after her name). In both the marriages, more than 500 Assamese people and 500 elephants accompanied the two Assamese princesses. The descendants of those Assamese people now stay in a village near the city Bhamo named Aoi sola mung. Hundreds of Assamese young men and women were taken by Commander Alung Mingi and Mingi maha Tiluwa in 1821.
    If you can you give us some information on the missing link of these people who inhabit this village, we would be thoroughly obliged.

    Ms. Tinat Atifa Masood

  23. Anjali Sharma Says:

    I just went to visit PANORAMA yesterday. Its a lot of history and heritage. The Princess of Burma lived at this place in Kalimpong. I had no idea about it until 2 days earlier. My grandfather worked as a gardener at PANORAMA when it was owned by Bengali family. My father has plenty of memories as he went there to give lunch to my father all the way from Chibbo Busty, Chalisey in Kalimpong.
    I am fortunate that my grandfather left me something to hold on as honour and I will cherish it forever. oooops!!! nearly forgot my father was a little boy back then..
    All these years I had no idea about it but when my father told me I was eager to see the place and it was mystically romantic..It would be surely a great loss to live a life where you just get up everyday and think about your job and money……………..but I believe exploring life to the fullest is to be tried. I am just amazed that a piece of history is mine too……….and I just went down to PANORAMA yesterday afternoon and TRUST in a KPGIAN(resident of Kalimpong) the place is to die for!!!!!!!!

  24. A Denmark Says:

    Following my last post in March, I have since discovered that my great grandmother was born in 1875, married to Hugh Ernest MacColl, asst chief commissioner in Burma, in 1893 (buddhist marriage) and died a widow in France in 1930. Her name was entered on the marriage records as Ma Pu but could be spelt Ma Phyu. I understand that she originated from Bengal and, according to family history, was a concubine. I do have a name for her father and an uncle but they are both handwritten and difficult to decipher. Sadly the British Library hold no further records for her leaving me at a loss to know where to continue my search. If anyone has any information or suggestions where I could look next I would be most grateful.

    • Mr D. Walker Says:

      My great great great grandfather was married to a Mary Aliexs Mapew who was supposed to be a Burmese princess. They got married in about 1839ish.

  25. Victor Geach Says:

    Dear Pam,I am not sure that there is a connection as my great grandmother’s name was Mah May and not Mai Mai as you spelt it. The word Mai Mai in Burmese means mother and that could confuse things.If you find out any more I would love to know.Who knows you could be right. Regards Victor.

  26. Christopher SMITH OAM JP Says:

    Forgot to mention in my last an uncle was the second Secretary General to the United Nations, Secretary General UTHANT

  27. NU SHWE PRUE Says:

    I want to know in details King Bayinnaung of Hanthawaddy kingdom. Specially his trees. Would you please some one inform me?

  28. Patcharintra Oscar Says:

    My mother history. My mother was born in Mandalay in early 1920,

    her family were forced to leave the country in mid 1920.

    Her mother name is Meh Yinh, her father name Mong Yihn their married was unpleasent to her parent., he is a building construction. he missed hometown very much especially temper called ” Tad ta khong ” (pronouncing may be a bit difference from talking )

    he begin to built a golden pagoda one similar to his Tathagong home town in Chiangmai. and most in northern Thailand.

    Her grand father name Mong Pu. her parent had 4boys and 4girls in family. start from Joah, Lei. Yohng, Cummoon,(my mom) Sinhn, Miah, Mong (yongest brother) one did not make it pass away during their journey.

    it took them and more than 40 assistances moving from their homeland 3months walk up and down cross the mountains head up to Chiangmai, Thailand.

    her grand uncle was a greatest army, she refer him “Puji” , aunty name Puiw she is a doctor producing a medicine from a nature herbs.

    I have more to say in lather day.

  29. sumaiyah Says:

    hi/ salaam I’m also somehow related to Burmese royal family I got a picture of my granny’s gran. but don’t know her name (I think it might be myat) and don’t know which decade of royal family they are from. apparently my granny’s gran married a person with name of khutbuddin USMANI from India I live in the UK and my name is Faruki. if anyone knows about her please let me know. Thanks.

  30. Dr Jane McGregor Says:

    My great aunt Vera L Lee (originally her surname was Leipnik but changed to Lee in 1930) married a Hla Maung (that’s how the names appear on the marriage register) in 1932 Marylebone, London. The family tale is that Maung was the son of a prince and judge and he himself studied law in London. Once married Vera went to live in Rangoon, was a friend of the mother of Aung San Suu Kyi and had two children Pamela and Gerald. Later Vera was imprisoned in a Japanese POW camp and returned to London. She later remarried. Her daughter Pamela went on to be an actress in Burma. She and her mother Vera were reunited at some stage but Pamela died young, having fought with other revolutionaries in the jungle. Do any of these names or details ring a bell with anyone? I would be grateful to hear from anyone with information on the abovementioned people. Thank you.

  31. adibah Says:

    I live in Kuala lumpur and would like to trace family tree of my grandmother who lives in johore, i believed she is from Burma and
    has some royal connection . She is secretive about her family , we
    know that her mum and two half sisters left for UK sometimes in early 1940 or late 1930. I have photos of her family . If i sent the
    photos can someone help me to see if these people are burmese ??

  32. Alain Gyi Says:

    My great grandmother was a on Daw Ma Ma Lay married to U Batin my grandfather he was Khin Maung Gyi, I have heard so many stories about have the connection to the Royals and I would like to know if this was ever true. Thank so much

  33. Dr Jane McGregor Says:

    My aunt who does not recall meeting her Burmese uncle Maung Maung remembers being shown this photograph of him.

    Can anyone tell me more about him as I am keen to trace this part of our family history. I live in the UK.

    Thank you

  34. vishal Says:

    i am intrested to know abot thibws history anyone suggest me a link

    • 12eccles Says:

      Yes. Read this excellent book by Sudha Shah: The King in Exile. It is sad, fascinating and will tell you all about King Thibaw and Queen Suphayalat. Thank you, Tim Hendley.

  35. rosie Says:

    hello ann marie taw phaya,i im rosie mahmood who studied with u in st micheal diocesan school maymyo.i m searching my old school friends n i saw your father’s name so i thought i should leave a message for’s been a long time n i hope u remember me and kitty kwey,whome we use to play basketball .i miss all my friends, teachers school days n especially mr. n mrs. wiltshire our principle. hope to hear from u soon rosie..

    • michael Says:

      Hi Rosie – I was at St Michaels (1956 – 1965) – grandson of Mr & Mrs Wiltshire. Just thought I would say Hello !?

  36. rosie Says:

    my email add is

  37. joeriyyerchwa Says:

    chris i would like to add some thing in that royal page of the baganda.because am very dertain of our family of the late prince nuhu mbogop thank u

  38. Kate Says:

    With so many wives and so many children through the decades, is it any wonder there are so many royal descendants? I too am searching for information. My great aunt Catherine McDougall Thomson married Richard William Vernon Maung Lat (or Mowng Lat) in Bellary, Madras, India in 1923. His father was Prince John William Maung Lat. I know Catherine died in Rangoon in February of 1926. I can’t locate a burial place for her. Does anybody have any idea where this Scottish Christian woman would have been buried?

  39. Kate Says:

    Hi Mr. Buyers. The LDS Family Search website shows the marriage in December, 1923. It also shows a death date for Catherine ……February, 1926. My grandmother said her sister died without returning home, so I do not believe the Catherine you found and mine are one and the same. I will; however, check it out. I know our Catherine went to India with some missionaries, probably from the Presbyterian Church. Thank you!

  40. C J Buyers Says:

    Kate, the LDS website can be notoriously wrong. It all depends on who put the information on the website and what the original source was. People often misread, cannot make out old fashioned handwriting, etc, etc. As an example, I looked on the website and her marriage partner is given the surname “Mannlet”. Cheers.

  41. Kate Says:

    Oh yes, we found Mannlet as the name. It was evidently a phonetic attempt at spelling Maung Lat. If you look at the same records you will find numerous siblings to Richard William Vernon Mannlet in the births and christenings register. The names are interesting to say the least! Any idea where to begin looking for a burial place in Rangoon in February of 1926? We know she never came home. Her sister went to the states and they corresponded until Catherine’s death in 1926, just before my dad was born. I have seen the husband referred to as “Richie” somewhere. What are your thoughts?

  42. John Says:

    Does anybody know of a Princess Malat who married an Albert (Bert) Bellamy.This lady was alive in 1967and lived at Race View Maymyo near Rangoon

  43. Richard Boudville Says:

    There is a June Rose Bellamy a.k.a. Princess Yadanar Mair had an Australian father Capt Bellamy. Yadanar Mair married General Ne Win one time Dictator and President of the Union of Burma. Yadanar Mair (June Rose now lives in Italy.) She has posted a number of YouTubes on Burmese cooking.

  44. Kate Says:

    I am still wondering where Catherine McDougall Thomson, (married to Richard William Vernon Mawng Lat (Mannlet) was buried when she died in Rangoon, Burma in February, 1926.

  45. Says:

    The Burmese Princess lived at Himane Koti, located fairly close above Kalimpong Park Hotel.

    The gates to this house remain locked and has the name “Himane Koti” inscribed. It was once owned by Calcutta socialite Sybil Dutta, until the eighties when Anju and Ikram Ahmed of Hong Kong bought it.

    Kalimpong, a hill station in the Darjeeling hills was a bustling town in the forties and fifties where roaring trade boomed between Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan.

  46. Joanne Says:

    Wow so many people with Royal connections. I was also told by my father that we are releated to Burmese Royalty. My Great Grandfather Richard Reginald Theodore Wall married Ma Pwa Sei daughter of Mg Hlaw Sei – we have a photo of Ma Pwa Sei and have been told she is royal but that is all we know. If anyone knows anything I would love to hear from you. Richard was born in Calcutta in 1860 and married Pwa Sei in 1887 – he is on the cover of the book Trouser People.

  47. enakshi majumdar Says:
    its an interesting information, mr. namchu. where (in kalimpong) is the house that the burmese princess built? i used to know a gentleman (sankha mani pradhan) who knew the princess and her husband. i’d like to hear more about the local anecdotes about the family.

  48. Ulf Månsson Says:

    I’m looking for a princess that married John Lang. The got a child:
    Dorothy Gloria Lang in 1883. Name of princess is: Meni. Does anyone have any info.

  49. Jacquie Kellagher Says:

    Hi, I am looking for information about a Burmese princess who would have been about 5 years old in 1941 and was injured in the first air raid on Rangoon on December 23rd that year. My grandparents Harry and Lucy Pope were with her at the time and unfortunately they died. I would love to know more about her, and not sure where to look. Thankyou

  50. Mitchell Says:

    I am really impressed with your writing skills
    as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
    Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one these days.

  51. Adrian Humphreys Says:

    Please. I know I am a descendant of H.M King
    Thibaw. My grandmother was called Edna born in Rangoon 1913. Her mother was Clara, Apparently very elegant lady. Clara married a Joseph who was a customs officer in Burma.
    They lived in a large house on Mandalay Hill and one in Maymo to where they fled in 1942. They were among some of the last to leave Mandalay during the evacuation.
    Edna’s siblings were: Helen, Joan and Joseph.
    There is also mention of ”sissy”. Clara’s mum Was one of the Princess’s possibly Hteik su paya Myat Phaya Galay.
    If anyone has any information I would be very grateful if you contact me via Adrian Humphreys facebook account? Thankyou.

    • Cshrewsbury Says:

      Hi Adrian humphreys it seems a lot of people claim a line to the king Thibaw. Understandably he had a number of daughters possibly 4 in total . My grandmother was one of the daughters of the princesses she was visited for many years by representatives of Burma she came to England and remained in the uk. I have records and lots of photographic evidence on the subject. Her farther was Richard Shrewsbury who was involved with building many of the villages and railways,Rangoon and Mandalay have been a big part of my family’s history.

  52. Royalark Indignation Says:

    drkokogyi, Alan, and others,

    You shouldn’t worry about James and Christopher Buyers indignation – Much or most of the information / photos at the website royalark is not actually copyright of Christopher Buyers, even if he says so on his site. He comes across strong, but he takes stuff off the net just like those he is complaining of.

  53. Cshrewsbury Says:

    A line of Burmese royalty stiexigency much alive.The family live in the UK a daughter of one of the princess came to the the uk very young. Her farther was Richard Shrewsbury who invented the Burmese pannier mono railway ( pit rivers museum Oxford) I know and have heared of a man posing as the prince under the name Shwebomin this is yet to be proven and I come from the family line.

    Burma is deep in history which is very much lost and forgotten.

    • Natasha hodge Says:

      My husband’s great Grandmother was supposedly a Burmese princess. I believe that she married an English senior army chap and eventually moved to the UK. We are currently doing DNA tests through for our family tree. Perhaps this is the way forward to distinguish real Burmese royal family descendants? May I suggest that any of you readers who are sincere about tracing your ancestry look into this. Then those of you that are genuine can meet on that website by virtue of your DNA results. You are automatically linked to others with similar DNA and the site can determine how closely you are related with a relatively high degree of certainty. I have absolutely no link with the ancestry website by the way other than being a consumer. I am a lawyer with an interest in tracing the family tree for my children. That’s all!

      • A Denmark Says:

        That is a sensible suggestion and not something that I would have thought of. My great grandmother is believed to be an illegitimate daughter of a Burmese royal but, as it was not a topic that my family ever wished to discuss in those days, sadly I have little evidence of which to base my search (except photos) so this may be the solution to finally learn the truth. Thank you. I will definitely investigate this route.

      • Brian Says:

        and …. did your DNA testing confirm royal ancestry?

  54. Kugen Says:

    Looks like I have the same problem. My great grandmother was supposedly a Burmese princess. She passed away in Malaysia in 1976 when she was 88 years old which means she was born around 1888.

    She went to a convent and spoke perfect English. As her Burmese name was a tongue twister she took in an Indian name (Gjanambal) as she married my Great grandfather who was Indian and was posted to Burma for a railroad project

    To this day, all of her daughters and granddaughters have last names “Devi” just like the princess

    Appreciate if anyone can help me trace my roots.

  55. Daniel Dieudonné Says:

    Are there any pictures of Tutu available? Or any pictures of the King taken during his exile in Ratnagiri?

  56. Thu Thu Says:

    Thanks for giving information about King Thibaw.

  57. sherin george Says:

    Am from kerala..India..two years back I realised one thing that my grand mother was from Hindu budh brahmin..royal family ..iravatham..meencha..Burma..her name was Mansam..she escaped to India at 1948 after marriage with Indian soldier..with her first baby girl..she died 9 years back..I couldn’t reach her place bcz of family mother(5th daughter) also died at her age of 23..Now I really want to see my lost family’s kingdom

  58. aung Says:

    the photo at the uppermost part of this article was not that of the king thibaw’s family photo.Actually,it was a photo of high rank burmese officer and his family but who exactly that officer is not known.

  59. Muthu Says:

    There is a new article in BBC world news about the Royal family of Burma.

  60. Muthu Says:

    Hi fascinating blog.I am an Indian living in Australia.I have been to visit Burma.What a fascinating country.I have just the link for the BBC News.
    Enjoy reading.I am sure you would love it.
    Perhaps someone one should take a series of short or Hollywood movies of the Royal families of Burma which might give a boost to Burma’s image and hopefully bring Burma to international stage.

  61. Muthu Says:

    Please see the bottom of the BBC article.
    Apparently there is a feature film ” BURMA S LOST ROYALS” being released June 2017

  62. Muthu Says:

    Another interesting article from the UK Guardian newspaper

    Sent from my iPad

  63. Michelle Humphreys Says:

    Hi there I am looking for relatives of Edna Humphreys born Galwsy her mother was Clara Mai Yin her dad Joseph Galway I have a photo of Clara Mai Yin and was advised by Taw Myat Soe that is is a picture of his aunt Taw Myat Soe is a nephew of U soe Win who is a great grandson of King Thibaw so I have Royal connections if anyone knows anything about my family please email me Thanks

  64. michele postiglione bellamy Says:

    Hello i am the son of Yadana Nat Mai princess of Limbin, live in Florence, Italy anche my contact is

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