Dismantling the glass ceiling above and construction of invisible glass palace under

My sacrifices during the Migration had removed the invisible (or more appropriately named clearly visible) glass ceiling above their head (if they were in Myanmar) and Alhamdullilah I could proudly state that I have even successfully created an invisible glass palace under their feet.

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Extra bonus from our migration is for my children, grand-children and all their descendents as their status are elevated. Just because we are Muslims, we are treated as 3rd or 4th class citizens or sometimes as foreigners or migrants in MYANMAR but they are now 1 st class citizens here ahead of others because they could assimilate easily.

From now onwards, (Shukur Alhamdulillah) even the sky is no more limit for them. Depend on their struggle, fate or Wills of Allah only.

Extracts from my FB page: MM Lay and MM Sein by Ko Ko Gyi on Friday, June 17, 2011 at 12:01pm

From University of Medicine Yangon


Although Institute of Medicine (1) was established in October 1964, Surgical Department in YGH had been started in 1927 by Colonel Scott as a Professor/Head. There were 15 successive Professor/Head for Surgical Department of University of Medicine (1):

1.Colonel Scott , M.B.,B. Ch, FRCS


2. Colonel Shepard M.B., B. Ch, FRCS

(1933 – 1935)

3. Lt. Col D.P.Mc Donald M.B.,B. Ch (Oxf)


(1935 – 1942)

4. Dr.Ba Than M.B (Col).FRCS (Ed), FACS, FICS

(1947 – 1959)

5. Dr.Kyi Paw M.B.,B.S, FRCS (G) FRCS(Ed), FACS, FICS ,FCCP

(1959 – 1978)

6. Dr.Kyaw Maung M.B.,B.S, FRCS (Ed)

(1978 – 1979)

7. Dr.Maung Maung Lay M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.S (Ed)

(1979 – 1988)

8. Dr.Maung Maung Sein  M.B.,B.S, F.R.C.S (Ed), F.R.C.S (London), Ch. M


MM Sein was now ill with ? Epiglotic swelling, ? Fungus. He used to have a Bad Mouth or Faul Mouth on his Lecturers, Assistant Surgeons, HSs and Students.

Two of them and Surgeon Bo Ni were 3 heads of Surgical Depts of 3 Medical Institutes who were hypocrites giving favours to the children and relatives of the Military Government and their colleagues. eg Col Hla Han’s 2 sons, Cardiac Surgeon‘s son in law, Microbiologist’s son etc.

And one was the husband of a Cardiologist. These may be just the tip of an iceberg. And the worse part was they had limited the INTERNAL MSc Masters candidates to 2-3 persons/subject/year for (NOT PER) ALL 3 Med Institutes. So the cronies only could get the Local Masters in Myanmar at that time. I am happy that nowadays intake volume increased.

Prof Maung2 Nyo Dear D KKGyi, I understand your feeling, but the number of candidates to 3 clinical subject was determined by the MOH, at first allowing only 2 each in each subject for the whole country. The professors concerned were not sure how to superv…ise as it was Master’s , not membership or fellowship. OG U Soe Myint even suggested to call his Masters as M.D.(OG) rather than M.Med.Sc. Only later they were sure to teach and train Masters.Then the number in each institute was increased up to 6 per institute.You are right entrance to all clinical disciplines was highly competitive. Dr MMS was only a late comer; Professors Kyee Paw, Aung Nyunt, Myint Aung first dominated the scene in surgery. Before MMS, professors of surgery at IM 2 were U Sein Myint, U Khin Maung Gyi.

Ko Ko Gyi Actually I am not blaming those three Head of Depts. I am just stating that in the FOUR years that I set the entrance examination, above mentioned FIVE out of eight? (that I know, there would be more that I don’t know) were clearly CRONIES…. I donot mean that they should not choose CRONIES only but should consider for other candidates. In Malaysia, currently the Gov is giving 800 scholarships per year for their doctors for specialization.

In the Masters for Surgery, the requirements was to READ the General Surgery chapters only. They failed me after I read five years and four exam. For MRCOG Part 1 (I read/prepare for exactly 6 mths only. I have concrete proof) where we need to read all the subjects except other clinical subjects totally not related… I passed with one trial.

In the first ward round of the new MSc students on my first failure. My friends and my Surgery old lectures (Surgeons) told me the words Bo Ni told those students. “Becareful and try hard, Dr KKG’s theory was very good compare with yours. (Practical…I was an academic staff, not like them, Demonstrator later under Consultant Surgeon)

Maung Nyo

There is luck among other factors in PG sudies in Burma. My friend the late Dr Hoke Kyaing sat for MRCP entrance several times scoring in the top in theory, but he failed in the interview. So, ultimately he sat for DMRD and became a radiolo…gist. He also stood first in 1961 September batch exam for final part 2. But Dr S. Hla Mong who failed pathology twice sat for FRCS selection exam and got selected at one attempt. He also passed the FRCS Primary and Final at one stroke. It’s luck or else?
Ko Ko Gyi But when the son-in-law could not demonstrate the signs of Ascities in MSc Final but passed and son of the Queen of M. failed to answer any thing in about Phimosis in MSc final but Bo Ni given him distinction and pass it is CLEAR CASE OF CORRUPTION TO THE CORE. (The surgeon who asked that question told me at my house infront of few drs).
And one of their choosen candidate was not given ward duty for 3 mts. I protested that if go on like that, I will also teach the students only as my primary job. First assistant told me that that person even could not do I&D on various places and he was not confident to give ward on call duty. So they do not based the criteria for experience and competence also. Lousy MOH and lousy 3 Head of Surgery. SHAME on them!
Saw Aung Saya Nyo,you are the one who agree that M.Med Sc. is  degree and  membership or followship is   just  a diploma , right?I also agree with you.Ex Deputy Minister( Prof. MO ) at first drives it  .But unfortunately  the sound fades because Minister got MRCP , not  M.Med Sc. Is it  right  Saya Nyo?
Maung Nyo Dear Ko Saw Aung, It’s right irrespective of both ministers having MRCP and FRCP. Dr Kyaw Myint has Dr. Med. Sc. also. The facts are in the regulations of the World’s Universities.
Maung Nyo Dr KKGyi, It’s pathetic. Is it not?
Ko Ko GyiTalking about Universities Act in Burma (when I left the country the Act name was in Burma), Rector Prof. Dr U Tun Thin was in the Parliament Health and Education committee.
He told me that he had even argued about Dr Than Win and me in the… Parliament, stating the Universities Act, which was not changed and same as previous Faculty under parent, respective Universities: the Qualified students were automatically eligible for PG training.
In Med Field, if got the training or experience under a relevant Consultant, no need to sit the written exam.
He said that he mentioned two of us with the very good track-records and requested the MOH to answer why the candidates like two of us were not allowed to do PG studies.
So I failed terribily with the dignity and that was also a blessing in disguise for me. Man Proposes and Allah (God) disposed. Alhamdullilah. Like my friend Dr Sai Kham Leik’s Hti Saing song, looking over my shoulders, I am not not going to change places with anyone in Myanmar MOH. I am happy and FREE. (All the praises should be directed to Allah.)

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