Blessing in disguise: R Ba Pe proposed but God disposed.

In my Final Part 2 Medical, short case, Professor Reggie Ba Pe was my examiner and I got the paraplegic patient.

We all know that in CNS cases like this, if not well prepared the candidate could easily fail.

But for me in addition to my good preparation and extra four months’ revision just before examination had given me plenty of times to even review the prescribed text book Davidson for seven times. (I used to read cover to cover including foot notes)

I have a good luck of coaching on these CNS cases esp. PARAPLEGIA by about half a dozen of the BEST lecturers: Prof. Dr Daw Myint Myint Aye, Dr U Kyaw Myint, Dr U Mg Mg Wint, Dr Daw Ma Ma Gyi, Dr Than Yin Mar, Dr U Kyaw Hla and others.

The clinical methods of Dr Daw Myint Myint Aye was so thorough and complete that R. Ba Pe could not find ANY fault on my clinical examination and I could answer all his questions.

Dr Daw Ma Ma Gyi told him that my theory and long case had already earned me as distinction candidate. He stopped examining me and changed the patient. May be he had the right to change the patient but I strongly believed that it was not fair at all for me. (By the way, my viva exam was also very well that even two examiners, Major Tin Ohn and our beloved late Professor Rector U Tun Thin praised me during the exam and afterwards.)

I was sad at the time but now, I understand that these unfortunate incidences are actually blessing in disguised for me. Men propose but God disposed.

Read now about this RACIST Raggie Ba Pe written by Prof Aung Gyi on his FB

Aung Gyi

R. Ba Pe
Professor of Medicine, IM I

Saya R. Ba Pe was at times very quiet and at times said to be very moody. However, nobody challenges his astuteness in diagnosis. Once there was a combined clinical meeting and many unusual and rare cases were presented and discussed among the top clinicians of the day. At that time diagnostic facilities were very much limited and the diagnosis of some diseases were largely based on the clinical acumen of the attending physicians.

One case was particularly intriguing. It was a young man who was a painter by occupation and he developed a chronic skin lesion on his face which proved to be resistant to all therapeutic measures. This case was presented by the department of medicine, IM II. He was previously treated as a case of contact dermatitis. Saya R. Ba Pe was called upon by the chairperson to solve the problem as Saya was said to be well versed in diagnosing dermatological problems.

“Yes, yes, it looks like a case of contact dermatitis. He is a painter and there is every chance of his face getting splashed by any stray paints. But, this is a big BUT, if he gets contact dermatitis, the lesion is most likely to occur over his hands and very unlikely over his face. I think you will get some information if you bother to take skin scraping from the lesion and try to find AFBs.”

In fact, Saya knew from the very beginning that it was a case of skin TB after studying the morphology of the skin lesion. He also knew that he was intentionally side-tracked to the diagnosis of contact dermatitis. But he proved that he was too clever to be manipulated by any one. Such a remarkable person!


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