After Ethnic Cleansing there could be a dawn of hope for Rohingyas

ETHNIC CLEANSING PROJECT almost finished…If wish to just segregate the two parties must be informed and done peacefully ith the consent. Need to build houses, villages or towns with proper planing… is too late for proper planning..a lot of causalities and bitter feelings….

A ship carrying Rakhine nationals left for Sittway from Buthitaung seen on October 27 (Photo – Win Maung (Maung Taw) / EMG)


Blessing in Disguise???

Now reinvent the May Yu District under Central Government FULL permanent control.

Rakhines, Bamas, Buddhists reject OIC. So OIC could concentrate for this district only.

Open OIC big office in May Yu District.  UNHCR, ASEAN NGOs, Muslim NGOs, counselor offices of foreign missions,

Keep the Immigration, Customs office etc.

Built International Sea port, Airport and declare Myanmar Western corridor under BIMSTEC for economic cooperation with Indian Sub continent countries.

(Bay of Bengal Initiative for MultiSectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) is an international organisation involving a group of countries in South Asia and South East Asia. The member countries of this group are: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal. (Wikipedia)

OIC should build a new city with proper town planning, drainage, water pipes, electricity, roads, markets and transport plans.

Shop-houses, office places, industrial areas and residential areas with recreational and sports facilities must be built.

Modern firming with irrigation systems, animal husbandry, fish and prawn breeding and fishing industry should be initiated.

If made the new district Free Trade Area it could become prosperous like Penang, Singapore, Taiwan or Hong Kong and few decades and I hope that Rakhines would que-up to apply permits to be able to work and live there.

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2 Responses to “After Ethnic Cleansing there could be a dawn of hope for Rohingyas”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Even Chin state could get a ocean outlet and May Yu district could get a road to Mainland Myanmar through Chin State.

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Like…Singapore had a lot of Chinese, the Malay Ruling Government was voted out or wiped out totally in Singapore,LKY was very vocal and wished to become PM of Malaysia….Tunku Abdul Rahman kicked them (Singapore) out of Malaysian Federation..LKY was said to be in tears….Now many Malaysians are working and studying there…May Yu District under the Union of Myanmar central government should take that kind of discipline and hard work to leap forward to become a highly developed region of Myanmar.

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