St.Peter’s High School Mandalay Homage invitation, list of teachers and students

Old Peterite Club

School Alumni are known as Old Peterites. Every member of the school becomes a member of the Old Peterite Club (or OP Club). This keeps alumni updated with developments and achievements at the school as well as taking an interest in the further success of individuals in later life.

There are often events organised to allow Old Peterites to meet at balls and
dinners. The current President of the Old Peterite Club is Mark Hepworth.

Friends of St Peter’s

Membership of this association is open to all staff, parents and guardians,
past and present, former “Friends” and Old Peterites. The committee consists of representatives from the Houses and four members of staff, elections take place in the Summer term. The Headmaster is the President. The Friends run a variety of social and fund-raising events for the benefit of members and the school.

Famous alumni

Current members of the school are known as ‘Petrites’ (and ‘Olavites’ for St
Olave’s Junior School) with alumni referred to as ‘Old Peterites’, or OPs
for short. Notable OPs

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10 Responses to “St.Peter’s High School Mandalay Homage invitation, list of teachers and students”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Hi! I wonder if you can post old photos of St Peter’s, Mandalay. My father who is in his late 80’s will be celebrating his birthday soon and I would like to give him a scrap book of photos/ news alrticles of the school, if possible. I cannot find anything on the net.
    With gratitude for any help.

  2. data security Says:

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  3. K. Don Anthony Wickramasingha Says:

    I am Anthony from Sri Lanka. One of my Grandfather’s Brother (a Reveran) had migrated to Mandalay in early part of 20th Century and his name was Rev. Solaman. If you have any of his decends living in your country, kindly let me have Contact Information so I can contact them. My Contact details are as follows: E-Mail: Mobile Phone: +94712876264

  4. yahoo Says:

    My name is Vinod Khetarpal. However, in school I was know as Ranbir Kumar.I was born and raised in Mandalay, Burma. I attended St. Peters High School, Mandalay. I graduated 8th grade in the year 1964. i left Burma to migrate to India where i went to High School and did my Electrical Engineering Degree. I worked in India for about 7 years and in 1980, I migrated to USA. I am now living in the United Stated for almost 33 years. I have very fond memories of my childhood and want to visit my birth place and school. I am almost 65 years old and have two grown up children. My daughter is a Cancer Specialist at Penn Medicine and my son is a Wall Street hedge Fund analyst. I am certain I will make a trip to my birth place this year as i know that situation in Burma have approved. I am an Electrical Engineer by Professional and have 40 years of experience to my credit. It will be my great pleasure if I can provide my knowledge and services to BURMA for building the power infrastructure. If any one of are reading this e mail, please contact me via e- mail. I live in New Jersey, USA.

  5. sujansinghjohal Says:

    My name is sujan singh. I was in 7th grade in 1964 my father’s business was nationalised and we left for india destitute i studied in indiain govtschool chandigarh and did my engineerinin mechanical branch joined govt bank now i am leading retired life here in chandigarh. my son is incalifornia i had also visited us ait will be my pleasure if i find apportunity to meet my old schoolmates.

  6. Ananta Narayan Chaudhuri Says:

    My name is Ananta Narayan Chaudhuri, I was born and brought up in Mandalay and attended St. Peters High School, Mandalay.I am enclosing some school photos which I found in my album. My house address was No. 300, 81st street between 24th and 25th street. My father was Doctor Kumud Ranjan Chaudhuri and we had our Medical pharmacy at 26th street (B road) very near to clock tower.
    Vinod Khetrapal I think I know you, you can check your photo in this 3 group photos attached. If any one of our old students readingthis e mail, please contact me via e-mail
    I live in Kolkata, India. The link to the photos -

  7. Aye Thein Kyaw Says:

    My name is Dr. Aye Thein Kyaw living in Toronto, Canada. I am a Peterie. I studied at St. Peter’s High School, Mandalay, Myanmar in 1954.

  8. Ashoke Kumar Shukla@ Mg Mg Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was at St.Peter’s Mandalay,from 1964 to 1966, completed Matriculation in 1966. Bro.Felix was the Director then .
    How to become Alumini Member ? Shall appreciate to have list of Alumini.
    Ashoke @ Mg Mg

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