Daw Suu needs to debrief the whole Myanmar brain-washed by successive Myanmar Military leaders with the Islamophobic ideas

Dr. Maung Zarni wrote:

Intellectually, strategically and ideologically, the NLD leadership is a complete failure.

The flagship NLD opposition has failed in spread humanism, progressive ideas, ecological thoughts, multiculturalism and Buddhist compassion in the hearts of the predominantly Buddhist public.

The result is the Nazi-ish elements in politics and society have successfully mobilized a significant segment of the Burmese society along home-grown neo-Nazi thoughts, views and sentiments.

I commented:

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam there were Prophets and some regarded as gods as Sheppard, I think is to symbolically lead the ignorant people like sheep. Usually most of the grass-root people never think much but follow their leader. Political leaders must have an ability to guide the people’s heart and Minds. They should not just follow the popular politics or desire of the people to get votes. NLD leader Daw Suu even told the Letpadaung Copper mine demonstrators that as a responsible politician she could face the hatred (by siding with the military authorities). If she just wants love, she would rather work as a dancer in the dance-troop. Now she even fails to practice as she preached. She needs to debrief the whole Myanmar brain-washed by successive Myanmar Military leaders with the Islamophobic ideas. She needs to preach the people of democratic principles of protecting the minorities, Human Rights and Equal rights.

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