Teaching at Anatomy Department of IMM, now Mandalay Medical University

My friend, Dr Min Nyan was on the left, near the microscopes. He had kindly sent these photos through Forensic Surgeon (Police Surgeon) Dr Ko Ko Gyi (10) (not in this picture. My RN was 9. ) Centre was Dr Than Win, now O&G Professor and Rector of our university. We all are old Peterised or from St. Peter’s High School. (Now No. 9 BEHS). I was on his left. The pic was taken in the main dissecting hall where we dissect the formalinized cadavers.

Aung Sann Oo

Dr. Aung Sann Oo Physician Pyin Oo Lwin Hospital said:

မမ ဒေါ်ခင်လေးရီကို တော့ ပထမဆုံး General Anatomy မှာကတည်းက group ဆရာမ ဖြစ်ခဲ့လို့ အချစ်ဆုံး။

ပြီးရင် ဆရာဦးကိုကိုကြီး၊ ဦးမင်းဉာဏ်၊ ဒေါ်မြင့်မြင့်သန်း။

ဒီပုံမှာ မပါတာ ဦးထင်အောင် (ခင်ဥမ္မာ ပြောတဲ့ မမ ဒေါ်လှရီရီ ခင်ပွန်း၊)ဒေါ်ခင်ဥဥ၊ ဒေါ်ဝေဝေကြည်၊ ဦးအောင်ကြည်၊ ဦးအောင်ချစ်၊ ဦးထွန်းအောင်။ ဆရာဂျွန်လှခိုင်၊ ဆရာဦးကိုလေး တို့က Lecturers။

ဆရာဦးသန်းဝင်း၊ ဒေါ်နွဲ့နွဲ့တင်၊ ဒေါ်ချယ်ရီတို့ကိုတော့ ဘိုးစိန်ကြီး (ဆရာကြီး ဦးခင်မောင်စိန်) ကို ကြောက်သလိုကို ကြောက်။ ထို့ကြောင့် ထိုစဉ်က အနားမကပ်ရဲ။.

In front of the portico with the signboard of IMM. Our gang of staff, Prof U Khin Maung Sein (Phd Anatomy, Head of Department) at the middle between the males and female Demonstrators of Anatomy. I hope the three Masketeers are obvious. Daw Khin Lay Yee (now the retired Professor of Anatomy, Yangon Medical University, wife of famous Hepatologist Prof U Khin Maung Win) was on the far left. Dr Cherry Aye Aye Myint is on her right. (I heard she retired as the Assistant Registraror of IMM and now the MS of Sigaing Thidagu hospital.) On her right is the famous Sai Kham Leik’s Nwe Tin (Daw Nwe Nwe Tin. She, Than Win and I were Mandalays repated Outstanding Students or Lu Yae Chun Htutkun. ) Dr Daw Myint Myint Than is on her right to the left of Prof UKMSein.

The Professor U Khin Maung Sein (sitting on the right), Lecturer B.S. U Ko Lay (now retired DGME) sitting on the left of UKMSein.

Late Anatomy Head of Department Professor U Khin Maung Sein was one of my best teacher (Professor) and one of the best boss in my life. My marks in 2 years of Anatomy. Note:
Grade 5 = A (distinction marks)
Grade 4 = A- (good)
Grade 3 = B (pass)
Grade 2 = C (fail. Need to resit one subject only)
Grade 1 = A (failed badly. Need to resit all the subjects in that class or year of examination)
May be an image of text that says 'የSን ခန္ဓာဗေဒဌာန၊ ဆေးတကကသိုလ်၊ မန္တလေး တယ်လီဖုန်းနံပါတ် ၂၂၀၁၁၊ ၂၂၀၁၂၊ ၂၂၀၁၃။ ၂၂၀၁၄ လိုင်းခွဲ Letter No. Department of Anatomy, Institute of Medicine, Mandalay. Dated. whom it may concerned. This is to certify with the Anatomy Department for that DR. Ko Ko intelligent, hard working and Gyi has been years. He is no punishment from found the to conscientious be worker. Goverrment, He has received his employer, or from me. Khin Maung Sein Professor: Head (Livepol) INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE, MANDALAY. Anatomy. BURMA'
No photo description available.
Late sayargyi was very strict with students and his staff. He used to surprise check us all the time. In the dissecting room of cadavers, Histology Practical Room or our teaching classes, he would be surprised as I was always teaching. During the non-teaching free times, I used to sit in my room, reading Anatomy books. (He don’t know that during non-office hours, I would be reading Surgery or at GP, or at market or with the family. I need to read in the Department. And as I wish to do Surgery, I took the full opportunity to learn Anatomy especially by demonstrating, identifying and teaching the students on the cadavers.) So he had given me 90+ marks (he showed me together with Dr Than Win) but he had given the two lecturers who were Ph D holders about 60 marks (U Ko Lay) and lower marks for Sayar John. Once U Ko Lay found out that, he became jealous of me and started to give troubles, up to refusing Ma Ma Kyu’s personal request to accept me for the training in OG for one year in Myanmar so that I could be accepted for MRCOG training in UK. Note Ma Ma Kyi was the Minister U Pe Thein’s wife and Ko Lay was the DGME.
May be an image of text that says 'ခန္ဓာဗေဒဌာန၊ ဆေးတက္ကသိုလ်၊ မန္တလေး တယ်လီဖုန်းနံပါ ၂၂၀၁၁၊ ၂၂၀၁၂၊ ၂၂၀၁၃။ ၂၂၀၁၄ Department of Anatomy, Institute of Medicine, Mandalay. Letter No. Dated. CLASS ANATOMY (1970 WORK MARKS. Ko STUDENT'S NAME ROLL NO NO- MED Gyi Rahman. 528 REGION ITEMS 2nd 4th 5th THORAX UPPER LIMB PRACTICAL 4 LOWER LIMB NECK CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM HISTOLOGY EMBRYOLOGY 4 ATTENDENCE LECTURE PRACT FINAL EXAMINATION GRADE are graded as follows- 5 = Excellent Grade Grade Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Poor SELECTED AN OUTSTANDIN MODEL STUDENT 2nd M.B. (Sr Awarded Ministry of student from each class. 2nd M.Ð (Jr) Awarded only True copy from the Personal File of natom Department'
No photo description available.
စိုက်ပျိုးရေးတက္ကသိုလ်က မမတွေ လယ်ကွင်းထဲလေ့လာရေးဆင်းနေတာကိုတွေ့ပြီး ရွာသူမတစ်ယောက်က သူ့သားငယ်ကိုဆုံးမနေတာကြားပြီး တခွီးခွီးကိုရယ်မိပါတော့တယ်။
သားလေးကို မေမေက ပညာတတ်ကြီးဖြစ်စေခြင်လို့ စာကြိုးစားခိုင်းတာကို သားကသဘောမပေါက်ဘူး။ ဟိုမှာကြည့်စမ်းသားလေးရေ….
မြို့ကြီးသူမမတွေ စာကောင်းကောင်းမသင်ခဲ့ကြ စာမတတ်ကြတော့ လယ်ထဲဆင်းပြီး ကောက်စိုက် ပျိုးနှုတ်လုပ်နေကြရပြီလေ…
ဆရာကြီး ပါမောက္ခဒေါက်တာဦးခင်မောင်စိန်
ဆေးတက္ကသိုလ် ခန္ဓာဗေဒဌာနမှူး ရဲ့ စာသင်ရင်းပြောကြားခဲ့တဲ့ ဟာသတစ်ခုပါ။ အဲ့ဒီအချိန်မှာ ဆရာကြီးရဲ့သမီးက ရေဆင်း စိုက်ပျိုးရေးတက္ကသိုလ်တက်နေချိန်ပါ။

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4 Responses to “Teaching at Anatomy Department of IMM, now Mandalay Medical University”

  1. Chong Zi Yi Says:

    Hi, I am Chong Zi Yi, brother of Chong XianYi, my sister is the one who always go to ur clinic with my father. Very interesting posts, here’s a suggestion, why dont u post a vids of a dissection of a frog (If possible, a LIVE one). I am interested in Biology and the art of surgery.

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Chong Zi Yi,
    TQ for the interest and comment. I am already 60 and retired. And dissection of frogs, chicken, piglets were done in A level or Biology esp Zoology studies.
    In our country, we had 10 fomalinized cadavers (human dead bodies) , enough for each small group of 10 students. they had to cut or dissect and study the human dead bodies in detail within 18 months. In Malaysia, because of lack of dead bodies, all the students have to study the Plastisized, ready made dead bodies only.

  3. Chong Zi Yi Says:

    Hello doctor,

    I am Chong Xian yi again

    my class teacher say got H1NG beside H1N1.

    is that true??

    Chong Xian Yi
    time: 11:33pm
    28 December 2009

  4. Dr Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Khin Maung Htwe commented:

    And also you, AhKoGyi was a Demonstrator at Surgery Department when we were in 3rd MB, Final Part 1 & Part 2.
    So he is not only the eldest brother but also my teacher & Mentor, to become a Surgeon.

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