Myanmar is doubly ill-served by the PhDs

Maung Zarni

Myanmar is doubly ill-served by the PhDs, home-made or acquired at ‘the big universities‘ in the West.

On one hand, Made-in-De-din (i.e., Myanmar) Doctors are a joke of a new genre who now fill university departments.

On the other hand, the PhDs who were Made-in-the West (and the rest such as Japan) now populate Naypyidaw, Myanmar’s new capital of sociopaths and psychopaths in various disguises.

How could Burma’s higher education system be producing doctors – MBBS and PhDs – these days when the State in Myanmar has has destroyed schools and universities as places where thinking is fostered as a primary goal and professionalism is pursued??

As a wealthy Burmese factory owner who sent his two sons to Stanford told me a while ago: the Burmese university graduates today don’t know what BA or BSc stands for.

I think the Burmese PhDs would definitely do slightly better. For advanced credentials in Myanmar have long become social goods of conspicuous consumption, rather than a signifier of advanced thoughts.

What does it mean for the Burmese to be showing off their PhDs and other credentials, (home-made or acquired in the “big universities”, to borrow the official wording of distinguished Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing Whitewash Commissioners’ official report), over the population where 35-40% of children are in no position to go beyond the primary 5 years of formal schooling?

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