Myanmar Government inciting HATRED on Muslims in Kachin State to create a Christian-Islam conflict

The Myitkyina District Administrative Council, Kachin State, sent the following official letter to the local Ward Administrative Councils.

According to the decision at the meeting held by Muslims at the Tachanpae Masjid in Yangon:

  1. Students from the Muslim Orphanage Schools must rape Myanmar Buddhist girls to create problems during the months of September and October 2013.
  2. Once any problems started, to burn (Muslim) own houses and houses of others.
  3. To take as much photographs as possible.
  4. To send those evidences abroad to foreign countries to discredit Myanmar as there is a widespread (Buddhist) terrorist activity in the country.


This Myanmar Government’s official allegation is a serious instigation to implant hatred in the non-Muslim citizens on its Muslim citizens of Myanmar.

International Community needs to make a follow up and ask the government to show the proof and if that allegation is right, should question them why they fail to arrest those Muslims who are responsible at the Tachanpae Masjid meeting.

If government could not prove their wild allegation, this could be tendered as evidence at ICC against the Myanmar Government.

Please refer this serious wrong allegation used as instigation against its Muslim Citizens to the Christian Kachin community leaders and rebel organizations.

THIS IS A CLEAR EVIDENCE of Myanmar Government inciting HATRED on Muslims so that they can create another Anti-Muslim atrocity in Kachin State as a Christian-Islam conflict to divert their political, economic and civil war problems in Kachin State.

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